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Air Cushion Accessories

Air Cushion Accessories

Make the right choice-Air Cushion Packaging Solutions

LockedAir provides a variety of air cushion film types and cushioning shapes, based on the analysis of your product and transportation condition, we can always propose the right protective packaging solution for you, including right machine, right air cushion film type, right film thickness for better balance of cost and protect capability, so that your product can be protected well in the box through the transportation and more importantly, can give satisfying unboxing experience to your clients.

Do More with Less-Air Cushion Packaging Solutions

Innovation is one of the core values of LockedAir, so ever since founded, we have been striving to bring out the better design so that our product can support our customers’ business with less man power, less effort and less maintenance.

Our high-speed air cushion machine can reach 28m/min, up to 280 air bags per minute, with the help of delivery system, a machine is capable to supply a 24 - station packing line. Working with our films in case, which has 2400m film in each case,workers can reduce the amount of changeover time by 80% comparing to 500 to 700 meters per roll,.

To eliminate the effort to deliver the pillows to each workstation, LockedAir designed the unique multi-blower system that have obvious advantage:

①No additional intervention is required to fill the bins in all locations;

②The system can be spread evenly without affecting the next filling operation when a part of the station consumes too much or surplus too much;

③The system is reliable and free of maintenance.

Work with efficiency and comfort-Air Cushion Packaging Solutions

Every unnecessary movement when packaging your products costs the packer time and energy. This can be avoided with the right processes. Our experienced engineers have provided solutions for hundreds of packaging centers and are always ready to analyze your existing packaging processes and come up with the right solution, which would be significantly enhance the efficiency of the processes and the well-being of the packer. With all packaging material always conveniently on hand for the packer at the workstations, they can handle the packaging work with least effort and time at ease.

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