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LockedPaper Water Activated Tape

Introduction Of LockedPaper Water Activated Tape

LockedPaper water-activated kraft tape

Water Activated Tape is a new type of biodegradable and environmental-friendly packaging material. Used in conjunction with LockedPaper-EG100 Water Activated Tape Dispenser. It is mainly designed for the adhesion of outer logistics packaging to prevent

accidental opening during transportation, and it will not lose its adhesiveness due to UV exposure and moisture, ensuring that the product

can be safely delivered to customers.

Specifications Of LockedPaper Water Activated Tape

ModelPaper Weight
LW805-25137-008052513700Paper Color:
0: original/original color
1: original/white color
2: white/white color
0: no printing
1: with printing
Available Choices60-1000/4/525-80137-2300/1/20/1
Naming rules3rd~4th Letter5th Letter6th~7th Letter8th~10th Letter11th Letter12th Letter

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