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Air Cushion Film

Air Cushion Film


LockedAir air cushion film is made from 100% recyclable materials and offers excellent impact and puncture resistance. The air cushion film material is designed to avoid breakage during transportation by absorbing the impact through the expanding air cushion film without breakage. Lockedair is one of the leading suppliers of protective packaging in China, offering strong, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly bag packaging materials.

LockedAir Air Cushion Film offers LDPE HDPE and Kraft paper air cushion films, all of which are 100% recyclable materials. Customized Logo Support

Our versatile model LA-E3S Multifuction Mini Air Cushion Machine supports a wide range of air cushion films for any of your packaging security needs.

Air Pillow Bag-MEX Series

For void fill use, to improve packaging efficiency extremely.

Air cushion film packed in carton, 24,000 packaging air pillow bags available per carton, reducing the air bag packing material loading effort.

Easy tear line, you can splice continuous air pillows easily with no damage on adjoining pillows.

With tension release structure, more air can be blew in.

air cushion film

Air Column Cushion Bag-MFA series

For side/bottom protection use, to replacing the air column bag. 

The inflatable air column bag saves labor resources, and low cost

Efficient to fulfill most packaging demand.

air cushin film

Bubble Air Cushions-MFB series

For wrapping use, to absorb the shock and avoid the surface scratching.

The plastic air bubble packaging bag are with optimized air pipe and bubble shape, have better loading capacity.

More air is blown in per square meter.

air cushion film

Technology of Air Cushion Film:

  • Dynamic sealing technology in air cushion film roll, including linear pressure, temperature auto-adjustment and tension control.

  • Air control and patterned air channels design.

  • Supper long distance delivery system, C type pipe fills empty design.

Air Cushion Film Features

Cushioning Protection.

Air cushion film provides good cushioning to absorb shocks and impacts


The flexibility and adaptability of air cushion films make them suitable for products of all shapes and sizes. They can be used to protect a wide variety of items, from small electronics to large appliances.


Air cushion films are lightweight and add minimal weight to the overall package. This helps in reducing transportation costs and ensures cost-effective packaging solutions.

Space Efficiency.

The air cushion film is effective in filling up the gaps in the packaging and optimizing the space inside the shipping box. This helps in preventing movement of items during transportation and reduces the risk of damage.


The air cushion films offer customization options by choosing the size of the air cushion and logo as per their specific packaging needs , enhancing the unboxing experience and brand recognition for the users.

Recyclable Options.

Our air cushion film roll is recyclable materials that help in sustainable packaging practices and reduce pollution to the environment.

Air Cushion Film Applications

Air cushion films have diverse applications across various industries due to their versatility, protective qualities, and ease of use.

Glass Industry

In the glass industry, air cushion films are also widely used in the packaging and transportation of glass products.  For example, for fragile products such as glass bottles and glassware that are susceptible to vibration and shock during transportation, the use of air cushion film can provide more reliable protection to prevent glass products from breaking during transportation.

Medical Device Industry

Air cushion film roll also plays an important role in the medical device industry.  For example, precision instruments such as pacemakers, electronic blood pressure monitors, and surgical instruments need to be protected from vibration and shock during transportation and storage, which can lead to equipment failure or increased errors.  The use of air cushion film can effectively protect these medical devices and ensure their integrity during transportation and storage.

E-commerce Industry

The air cushion bag is a commonly used packaging material in the e-commerce industry.  In express transportation, parcels are easily subjected to vibration and collision, inflatable packaging airbags can cushion the impact of parcels to protect the integrity of the goods, the advantages of air-filled package air bags are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be reused, which is particularly popular in the e-commerce industry.

Food industry

Air cushion packaging bag is also used in the food industry.  Some fragile food products, such as potato chips and cookies, can be easily broken during transportation, and air filled airbags for packaging can effectively prevent this from happening and keep the food intact.

Advantages of Air Cushion Film :

  • Strong seal

  • No air leakage

  • Positive inside air pressure

  • High uniformity

  • Maximum value of film

  • High efficiency integration system

BJT, one of the leading air bag packaging suppliers, focus on providing the total best inflatable packaging airbags in the inflatable protective packaging field. We own a number of patents and real case experience in airbags for packaging, also setting new standards in various applications. BJT company aims to make a substantial contribution to improve customer air cushion bag packaging safety, cost effectiveness, and sustainability to ensure significant customer benefit.



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