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Air Cushioning System

Air Cushioning System

Lockedair focuses on packaging solutions. We have many different types of air cushioning system. We also have many options for air cushioning machines and void filling systems to meet your needs. You can find air cushioning films like air pillow bags and cushions in various thicknesses, sizes, and configurations.

Air Cushion Machine
Starter Class Starter Class
  • Ergonomic and easy to use.

  • Compatible with all cushioning film.

  • Instant start 

  • 8m/min, up to 800 packages/day

  • 8 programmed settings allowing quick changeover

  • Optional external pump for higher in-bubble pressure

Business Class Business Class
  • Cost-effective machine for medium users

  • Compatible with air cushioning films within a  width of 800mm

  • Multi-functional to fulfill all possible needs

  • High-speed output up to 18m/min

Industrial Pillow Machine Industrial Pillow Machine
  • Blade-less, without Teflon belt

  • User-friendly touch screen

  • High-speed up to 30m/min

  • Large output roll at 2400m/r

  • Supports multi integration system

High Performance
  • New! Super thin yet strong HD Film, Saves money and the environment

  • Up to 24,000 pillows each load

Reliable Quality
  • Manufactured in-house to assure quality & performance

  • New generation puncture resistant film

Go Green
  • 1% plastic + 99% air, save trees

  • >30 Recycled material

  • Marine-degradable film available

Extensive Air Cushioning Options To Meet All Needs.
Extensive Air Cushioning Options To Meet All Needs.

In addition to the machines and air cushion film, LockedAir also provides extensive air cushioning options to meet all needs.air cushioning system integration,  pack your goods well protected with higher work productivity and ergonomics. No matter whether you want to equip only one packaging station or more than 50 different packaging areas, LockedAir air cushion machine systems can be integrated into your existing packaging stations with minimum impact to your current layout and can be removed from them at any.

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