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Air Cushion System

Integrated Solution for Air Cushion System

LockedAir focuses on providing the total best value solutions in the inflatable protective packaging field. We own a number of patents and real case experience, also set new standards in kinds of applications. LockedAir aims to make a substantial contribution to improving customer packaging safety, cost-effective, and sustainability to ensure significant customer benefit.

Air Cushion Machine

With more than 40 patents worldwide, LockedAir cushion machine differentiates from competitors with neat sealing, more air in bag and leakage free sealing. LockedAir cushion machine is faster, quieter, more compact and more reliable.
  • Efficiency

    Instant start on click

    Changeover within 5  seconds

    Automated systems and accessories

  • Quality

    Lifetime warranty

    Complimentary wearing parts

  • Reliability

    Near zero air seal failure rate

    Proven performance in extreme 


  • Innovation

    Dynamic temperature control

    Air flow control to lock more air

Air Cushion film Options

Air Cushion film Options

7 kinds of materials

20+  Different patterns

100%  Recyclable film

  • High Performance
    • New! Super thin yet strong HD Film, Save money and the environment

    • Up to 24000 pillows each load

  • Reliable Quality
    • Produced in our plant, complete control over quality and supply.

    • New generation puncture resistant film

  • Go Green
    • 1% plastic + 99% air, save trees

    • >30 Recycled material

    • Marine-degradable film available

Extensive Options of Air Cushion Accessories

In addition to the machines and film, LockedAir also provides extensive options of accessories for air cushion system integration, to help you to pack your goods well protected with higher work productivity and ergonomics. No matter whether you want to equip only one packaging station or more than 50 different packaging areas, LockedAir air cushion systems can be integrated into your existing packaging stations with minimum impact to your current layout and can be removed from them at any.

28m films/min
Up to 280 pillows/min
2400m films/case
Film load every 24000 pillows
Deliver pillows to 24 meters, Each line can support 28 work stations
Air pillow fill whole hopper automatically, no work needed to balance the distribution

Advantages of Air Cushion System 

  • Effective in-box protection while no increase of weight of package.

  • One roll of LockedAir air pillow can replace 10 rolls of traditional filling material while takes much less storage

  • Clean and clear buffer, brings good opening experience and good brand image.