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LockedPaper Folded Kraft Paper

Introduction Of LockedPaper Folded Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a commonly used material in ecommerce and food

packaging products due to its durability, elasticity and environmentally friendly benefits.For business owners looking to make a great impression with their custom packaging but still minimize waste, kraft paper is an excellent and versatile choice.

It is regularly used for LockedPaper-F1/V1/V2/C1/C2.

Specifications Of LockedPaper Folded Kraft Paper

ModelMaterialWeightWidthLengthSuitable for
MPV-50-190Kraft Paper, Virgin50gsm190mm700mLP-V1
MPV-70-190Kraft Paper, Virgin70gsm190mm500m
MPE-70-190Kraft Paper, Eco70gsm190mm500m

MPE-50-380Kraft Paper, Eco50gsm380mm500mLP-F1 / V2 / C1
MPV-50-380Kraft Paper, Virgin50gsm380mm500mLP-F1 / V2 / C1
MPR-50-380Kraft Paper, Recycled50gsm380mm500mLP-F1 / V2
MPE-70-380Kraft Paper, Eco70gsm380mm360mLP-F1 / V2 / C1
MPV-70-380Kraft Paper, Virgin70gsm380mm360mLP-F1 / V2 / C1
MPR-70-380Kraft Paper, Recycled70gsm380mm360mLP-F1 / V2 / C1
MPV-90-380Kraft Paper, Virgin90gsm380mm280mLP-F1 / V2

MPV-70-762PKraft Paper, Virgin70gsm762mm360mLP-C2
MPV-80-762PKraft Paper, Virgin80gsm762mm350mLP-C2
MPV-90-762PKraft Paper, Virgin90gsm762mm300mLP-C2
MPVV-70-70-762PKraft Paper, Virgin+ Virgin70gsm+70gsm762mm200mLP-C2
MPRE-70-70-762PKraft Paper, Recycled+Eco70gsm+70gsm762mm200mLP-C2
MPRV-70-70-762PKraft Paper,
Recycled +Virgin

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