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Box Auto Bagger

Introduction Of Box Auto Bagger

With the faster growing sales and broader product selection brought to the business, most e-commerce companies are facing fulfillment complexities that could threaten the efficiency and profitability of its operations. The total number of packages has increased by 5 times from 2015.

Umailer Box Bagger :

Is the perfect solution for e-commerce packing, which is an integration of packing, express label print, express label apply, package conveying. It will significantly reduce labor involvement and improve packing efficiency.

Automatic bagging, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, packaging finished at one time.

The packing speed is fast, 600pcs per hour, the seal is firm, smooth, beautiful.

Videos Of Box Auto Bagger

Specifications Of Box Auto Bagger

Machine Spec

Machine size

2.75m*1.0m*1.86m (internal roller)3.85m*1.0m*2.05m (external roller)

Power supply

Main Machine 2.2KW+ Air compressor 3.0KW


AC220V, 50HZ

Material type

Pearlescent film, Co-extruded film, Kraft paper film



Available book size

A4 paper size or below, thickness<6cm

Print resolution


Label specification

Width 100mm or below, length 180mm or below

Roll material specification

Width 40cm, length 238m/roll( external roller)

Width 40cm, length 150m/roll ( internal roller)

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Details Of Box Auto Bagger

Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger Box Auto Bagger
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