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Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Introduction Of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

LockePaper GTA Water Activated Tape Dispenser for fast-paced packaging environments where increased productivity, efficiency and carton sealing output is needed. Time to Upscale Your Packaging Line!

Videos Of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Specifications Of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Machine Parameter

Power: 200WSpeed: 1100mm/s
Voltage: 220V/110VWeight: 13.4KG
Size: 450mm*240mm*330mmWater Capacity: 2.1L

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Details Of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Operation Mode

Single mode:

Select different length to produce the selected length tape

Automatic mode:

Select one length and all the rest with same length to be produced automatically

Program mode:

Select several different sizes and produce the tapes per the setting order

Manual mode:

Press and hold to produce the tape continuously into a hopper.

Fast and Efficient

* Output 1100mm/s

* One-touch dispensing of tape lengths from Min 13cm

* Heating function in brush area to enhance brushing effect

Reliable and Safe

*Alloy frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic

*Safety interlock switch disables cutting mechanism when cover is openned, prevents worker injury

*Buy worry-freely, 1-year warranty

Competitive Supply

* Customized size tapes with customized logo

* Cross weave reinforcement available

* Optimized recipes for longer storage

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Water Activated Tape Dispenser
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