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  • Q1: Are you trader or manufacturer?

    We are the manufacturer of protective machine and material with design, manufacturer, sell and service all in one company. 

  • Q2: What is your advantage compared to competitor?

    Powerful R&D team: 

    Keep on improving products to meet customer growing demands.

    Excelsior PS team:

    Always providing wonderful products in least delivery time. 

    Our core advantage technology:

    Comparing to the 70~95% utilization rate, Lockedair products can achieve 99.9% thanks to our 3 core tech. 

    1.Wrinkleless sealing—Patent 201420439958.6 (Web handling tech.)

    2.High air volume—Patent 201420398325.5 (Dynamic tension release)

    3.Solid sealing—Patent 201420657795.9 (Accurate PID control and compensation algorithm)

  • Q3: Do you provide customized solution?

    Yes. Customized logo printing for film and we can offer full protective packing solution for your warehouse.

  • Q4: How about the warranty ?

    Warranty period for machine is 2 years under the condition of continuously using Locked air film.

  • Q5: What's the leading time?

    Please contact us for best Lead time to specific product.

  • Q6: Are the products environmental?

    Locked air film is made from 100% recyclable material, with outstanding impact resistance and puncture resistance. 

    To reduce the impact to the environment, Lockedair launched different environmental friendly product including 30% recycled raw material film,100% bio-degradable material, paper cushion product.