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Air Cushion Machine

Air Cushion Machine


Reliable Air Cushion Machine Manufacturer Offers Efficient and  Innovative Air Cushion System Solutions

Locked Air® is a globally trusted air cushion machine manufacturer with satisfied customers worldwide. We supply inflatable packaging and paper packaging products to whoesalers and dealers worldwide. LockedAir focuses on the customer experience and regards their reputation as most valuable asset. We have a supportive domestic sales team and exclusive distribution in some important countries.

Using the latest technology in protective air cushion packaging, Locked Air® will perfectly protect your products in transit and make your packing process efficient and easy. Our focus is on bringing you reliability and the newest air fill packaging technology that requires minimal technical intervention in the long run.

The Technology of Air Cushion Machine

Using the latest technology in protective air bag packaging machine, Locked Air® 's air pillow machine will perfectly protect your products in transit and make your packing process efficient and easy.  Our focus is on bringing you reliabilityand, the newest air cushion system technology that requires minimal technical intervention in the long run.

Locked Air® air cushion machines achieve a 99.99% pass rate compared to 70% to 95% of the industry. We made this oocur because of our strong R&D team and acquiring the following air pillow machine patents:

From the following technologies:

  • Dynamic sealing technology, including linear pressure, temperature auto-adjustment and tension control. No wrinkles - patent 201420439958.6

  • Air control design. Positive inside air pressure-patent 201420398325.5.

  • Patterned air channels, strong sealing-patent 201420657795.9

air cushion machine sealing technology

air cushion machine technology

Strict Quality Control of Air Cushion Machine For Sale

We have a rigorous quality control process which will help to improve the design of our air fill packaging machine continually. To give you peace of mind, our air cushion systems have been designed to withstand extreme shipping environments and they can be operated under extremely hot and cold environments. Every component is tested to failure so you can rely on a flawless performance.

We test our air cushion packaging machines foily for 24 hours before delivery to reduce downtime interruption and to ensure you can produce void fill without hassle as soon as delivered.

air cushion machine quality control

What Benefits You Can Get From Our Air Cushion Machines

Save Valuable Space

The Locked air cushion system has a compact footprint that takes up less dedicated inventory space, only produces air cushions film on demand,

air cushion machine

Safe & Low-cost Shipping

Lightweight air pillows save on shipping costs. The soft and flexible patterns of cushion films provide the best protection from shock during transportation.

Fast Packing

Easy tear air cushions films support variable packaging demand. Speeds up your warehouse throughput.

Metal Blower Tube

Easy to maintain metal blower tube. Large openning makes it easier to blow in more air and easy to replace blades.

Exclusive Tungsten steel Blade

The tungsten steel blade features high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength and high toughness.

Strong Film Roller

The film roller is elegent and stable. The film turns smoothly without falling.

One-key Operation of Control Panel, Simple To Preset Parameters

One-key operation makes it easy for  every worker to learm how to use the air cushion machine. Just one button, high efficiency. And it only takes 10 seconds to heat after start.

Dynamic Compensation Temperature Control

Al based heating control will guarantee that our customer can produce a perfect air bag regardless of the environment, temperature and the phase of machine operation.

Multi-fan Feeding System

Our system can deliver air pllows to up to 28m and thus supply 24 work stations automatically and evenly. One station's consumption will not impact the supply of the others.

We Offer Customized Air Cushion Machine Services to Give You Wonderful User Unboxing Experience

Customized LOGO print, clean and dust-free packaging promotes the image of the company, improves customer satisfaction and the possibility of returning order with superior product protection.

Quick Details of Locked Air Air Cushion Machine

Product feature: Easy to use, automatic air filling, and simple maintanence;                                                                                    

Maximum output: 10 m/ min ,up to 1000 parcels a day per machine;                                                                                                                               

Functions: Adjustable air fill, temperature and speed;                                                                                                                             

Portability: Small footprint machine which is only 8.8KG and easy to carry;

Compatibility: A versatile model for all ranges of film on demand.

How To Choose The Right Air Cushion Machines?

As a professional air cushion machine manufacturer, we would like to give some tips on how to select the best air cushion machine, we hope these tips can help you when you are making decisons.

Whether the output speed of the air cushion machine meets your demand

The production speed of air cushion matters when you are making packaging decisions. A high efficiency air cushion machine can improvie your workshop packaging speed. Saving time is saving money. Lockedair has professional air cushion machines for different scenarios for you to choose, Pro-Starter Class, Business class, Industrial Class. Versatile speed ( 8m/min-28m/min )  Air cushion machines range from Start-up E-commerce company with a has limited budget to Industrial class company who requires high output. Please contact us to know more information. We are glad to recommend appropriate air cushion machines for your business.

The output quality of air cushion machine

  • Dry Run before shipment: 24 hours;

  • Meantime between failure: 5000 hours;

  • High yields: 99.9%;

  • Dynamic Sealing Technology: No wrinkle, Very nice and firmly edge, defect rate less than 0.06%;

  • Air Stream Control Technology: Inflatable air filling rate 95%.    

The memory function of the air cushion machine makes star up easy for the operaror

When your factory uses different types of membranes, you can set the air speed, temperature, and air volume, and then perform memory storage. So the next time you use it, you only need to open the memory storage function to recall the settings. It will be very convenient to operate air cushion machine with this setting mode. Lockedair air cushion machine can start to work when turned-on, 2-8 types of preset parameters for you to choose according to your film patterns.

Whether the air cushion machine has adjustment functions

The air cushion machine should have the function of adjustable speed and air volume, so that different materials can be used according to different function settings. Nylon film, HDPE film, and degradable film can be used.

Easily wearing parts of air cushion machine

The  wear parts are blades and heating belts, and we usually offer some extra spare parts for customer future replacement.

Whether the air cushion machine is easy to maintain

After securing an air cushion machine, sometimes, there is an issue, like your workers do not how how to use it, or there is a bad component. The our engineers can usually make you solve the these maintenance problems as quickly as possible. Lockedair Air Cushion Machine has a large opening to blow in more air, and easily installed  blades. There are detailed videos of replacing wear parts on youtube and professional engineers are always ready to solve your maintenance questions.

After-sales service of air cushion machine

Reliable, professional and fast after-sales service network can save you lots of waiting time. Our wide and well-established network of dealers can ensure that our customer support is fast and responsive. There is always a prompt response and fast service support with technical expertise, parts supply, repair, and replacement when you need help. More than 20 agents all over the world, our wide and well-established network of dealers ensures fast service for you, including parts supply, repair, and replacement. 24 months warranty if using Lockedair brand films, besides our user manual,we shared detailed videos including tutorial video, replacement and instruction video on our Youtube channel,and our professional engineers are always ready to help you online or emails-7/24; 

Locked Air®  Air Cushion Machine Purchasing Guide

As the top3 professional air cushion machine supplier and product manufacturer in China, we produce three types of air cushion machines. Before recommending a suitable air cushion packaging machine for you, you need to tell us your packaging needs and production scale.

Case-A: If you are a busy warehouse or e-commerce distribution center, we recommend the following two best-selling air cushion machines, Seamless integration into the Locked Air long feed hopper system for up to 32 work stations

Optimized design for high speed pillow throughput

Output up to 28m/min

Optimized design for high speed bubble throughput

Output up to 28m/min

Case-B: If you are a medium business, packing and shipping store, we recommend the following two best-selling machines

Speed 18m/min

Various support pillow shapes can be produced directly at the packing station upon request

Speed 18m/min

The LA-F1 Air Cushion Machine is designed to pack fast,producing durable bubble material making. With its optional automatic winder, you can make many types of bubbles on demand.

Case-C:  If you are a small business, packing and shipping store, we recommend you the following two best selling machines

Speed 12m/min

Supports 800 packages per day

You can now produce a wide range of air cushion thicknesses from 13u to 80u and a wide air cushion width range from 200mm to 800mm.

  • LA-E4C Air Cushion Machine

60% cheaper than the standard version

8m/min, click Quick Start. Can run two bubble pads

and air pillows with preset parameters.

Air Cushion Machine Prices

People who want to purchase an air cushion machine are always thinking of air cushion machine price and its ROI. Will this deal ensure production within your budget and help increase profits? Besides the price, you will also focus on how's the output quality? and whether air cushion machines can bring you more benefits than your input costs including your warranty cost and time cost. The following we listed  the factors that determine the air cushion machine prices for you to make a qualified decision: 

  • The sheet metal and materlals, what's the life of them? Heating parts, motors, wheels etc.  

  • What are wear parts? Are they easily changed? Such as heating belts and blades.                                                

  • What's the warranty of the machine? Are the replacement parts free? Do you have any instructions?                                                                       

  • What's the inflation speed of the air cushion packaging machine?

  • Do you have any certification regarding your machines?

Welcome make an inquiry, We will answer any question on air cushion machine for you now!

Air Cushion Machine FAQs

1. What is an air cushion machine? 

An air cushion machine is an high efficent packing machine designed to inflate air cushion film rolls that meet the protective packaging needs, such as shipping box filler, product wrapping, and cushioning. 

2. What are the benefits of using air cushion machines?

The on-demand inflatable air cushion system provides excellent cushioning protection for your shipping packages while reducing packing materials consumption, labor cost,  and shipping costs. The machine and film rolls take up less space than other traditional types of protective packaging, such as foam, peanut, or packing paper. 

3. How long is the warranty period for the air pillow maker machine?

The warranty period is one year from purchasing day. If customers purchase our Locked Air brand air cushion films continuously, we would like to extend our warranty period and offer free spare parts for you. 

4. What types of air cushion film should I purchase? 

Lockedair has professional air cushion machines for different scenarios for you to choose: Pro-starter Class, Business class, Industrial Class. Most of our air cushion machines are compatible with various types of air pillows, air bubbles, air columns, and air tubes. You can tell us the machine model and we will suggest to you the suitable type of air cushion film.

5. Would you accept OEM air cushion machine?

We accept customized air cushion film for our customers. You can contact us for more information.

6. Where can I buy Locked Air brand air cushion machine products? 

You can send us an inquiry e-mail at We will quote according to your detail requirements. Or you can purchase them from the local distributor directly. We have distributors in more than 20 countries. And we are still expecting more business partners to join us.

Where Are Air Cushion Machine Used

Air cushion machine can be used in a wide range of applications, whether in E-commerce, oil packading, fruit jelly packaging, fruit packaging, glass cup packaging, honey bottle packing, laundry bottle packing, milk powder packaging, roll material packaging, umbrella packaging, wine bottle packaging, etc. LockedAir air cushion machines are especially ideal for busy warehouses or e-commerce distribution centres. Here we show some air cushion machime applicaion images for you, in order to help you decide whether you should buy air cushion machines or not.

Air Cushion Machine Videos

  • The Trans Film Tutorial of Air Cushion Machine
  • Air Cushion Integration System Working Process
  • Air Cushion System working for General E-commerce
  • Installation of paper void fill machine 2
  • Installation of paper void fill machine 1
  • Locked Air packaging system for fresh food
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