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Print and Apply Labeling System

Print and Apply Labeling System

BJT Labeler PLS500 Series print & label apply system is the integrated design from BJT Labeler engineers with excellent stability. With the design & development of BJT Labeler engineers, it is integrated design; spare part is modularized to enable fast installment & maintenance. Warranty can be 5 years at most.

Using BJT Labeler Zebra ZE500 printing engine, which is one of the most professional printing engines of BJT Labeler series, PLS500 Series print & label apply system can reach 60 times/min and with clear and readable barcodes.

BJT Labeler PLS500 series can connect with ERP, WMS, MES, WCS etc different kinds of systems flawlessly. By customized structures, it can also be integrated with production lines, industrial equipment perfectly.

Print and Press Apply Labeling System

With ergonomic height integration design, you can replace labels and ribbons quickly, operator only needs less than 2 minutes to replace them.

Based on a powerful and energetic R&D team, customization supported of BJT Labeler PLS500 series to match users' requirements.

More optional functions of BJT Labeler print and apply labeling system to satisfy consumers:

  • PLC level 3 management program

  • Labels no-stripping alarm

  • Barcodes scanner

  • Correct judgment of printing barcodes

  • Labels 100% readable assurance

  • Detection of no-label

  • Detection of no-ribbon

Features  of BJT Labeler print and apply labeling system

  • High reliability

7*24 continuous work automatically with high efficiency


Print and Press Labele System

  • Industrial printer engine

Adopt ZEBRA industrial printer engine to achieve max speed 305mm/s

  • Easy to operate 

As easy as desktop printer, can also be integrated into automatic systems.

  • High accuracy 

Press apply the lable with high accuracy linear guide, achieve high speed and steady actions during pressing, labeling accuracy can reach 1mm

  • Convenience

Compact structure, stand-alone or one-stop production line is available, suitable for different situations.

  • Light and compact

Small footprint, easy to connect with various production lines. Only 55kg Vs. common machine which are 100kg.

  • Duability

High durability assured by all the top brand parts to assure the steady performance during continuous running and provide longer service life.

Application  of BJT Labeler print and apply labeling system

Apply for food, medical supplies, commodity, office supplies, infant and maternity supplies, clothes, appliance, textiles, hardware tools and electronics etc.

bag packaging


card board packaging

Card board packaging

film packaging

Film packaging

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging

foam packaging

Foam packaging

Touchable objects

Touchable objects

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