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LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Introduction Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Provides robust padding for heavy or large items in medium to large boxes. Padding width is adjustable with low-speed feeding and high-speed output.

Safety designed with isolated hazard areas and programmable HMI for powerful and easy control. Different automatic and manual operating modes for various packing needs.

Reliable with high-speed blade and jam-free design, enabling longer run time between failures. Modular design allows for fast maintenance.

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Specifications Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Metric System

Machine Spec.Paper Options

100~240VAC 50/60 Hz

Model NoPlyBasis Weight (gsm)Length(m)Width(mm)
Power1000WMPVV-70-70-762P270/70200 762 (pre-fold 381)
Weight60KGMPRE-70-50-762P270/70200762 (pre-fold 381)
Feed speed1m/sMPRV-70-762P170/70200 762 (pre-fold 381)
Cutting speed80times/minMPV-70-762P170360 762 (pre-fold 381)

MPE-80-762P180350762 (pre-fold 381)
 MPV-90-762P190300 762 (pre-fold 381)

Imperial System

Machine Spec.Paper Options

100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Model NoPlyBasis WeightLength(feet)Width(inch)
30 (pre-fold 15)
Weight132LBSMPRE-70-50-762P241#/41#75030 (pre-fold 15)
Feed speed197feet/minMPRV-70-762P141#/41#1181
30 (pre-fold 15)
Cutting speed80times/minMPV-70-762P141#118130 (pre-fold 15)

MPE-80-762P147#114830 (pre-fold 15)
MPV-90-762P153#98430 (pre-fold 15)

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Details Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine


LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine
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