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LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Introduction Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Provides robust padding for heavy or large items in medium to large boxes. Padding width is adjustable with low-speed feeding and high-speed output.

Safety designed with isolated hazard areas and programmable HMI for powerful and easy control. Different automatic and manual operating modes for various packing needs.

This paper void fill packaging machine is reliable with high-speed blade and jam-free design, enabling longer run time between failures. Modular design allows for fast maintenance.

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Specifications Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine

Metric System

Machine Spec.Paper Options

100~240VAC 50/60 Hz

Model NoPlyBasis Weight (gsm)Length(m)Width(mm)

Machine Size (mm)


MPVV-70-70-762P270/70200 762 (pre-fold 381)

Machine Weight

52KGMPRE-70-50-762P270/70200762 (pre-fold 381)
Stand Weight34KGMPRV-70-762P170/70200 762 (pre-fold 381)
Feed speed1m/sMPE-80-762P180350762 (pre-fold 381)
Cutting speed80times/min MPV-90-762P190300 762 (pre-fold 381)

Imperial System

Machine Spec.Paper Options

100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Model NoPlyBasis WeightLength(feet)Width(inch)
Machine Size(inch) 43(L)*21.6(W)*58.9(H)MPVV-70-70-762P241#/41#656
30 (pre-fold 15)

Machine Weigt

 114.6lbsMPRE-70-50-762P241#/41#75030 (pre-fold 15)
Stand Weight 74.9lbsMPRV-70-762P141#/41#1181
30 (pre-fold 15)
Feed speed197feet/minMPV-70-762P141#118130 (pre-fold 15)
Cutting speed80times/minMPE-80-762P147#114830 (pre-fold 15)
MPV-90-762P153#98430 (pre-fold 15)

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Details Of LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine



LockedPaper-C2 Paper Pad Machine
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