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Environmental protection, LockedAir is in action---

Sustainable packaging solutions

About the Sustainability Cushion packaging of LockedAir

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the demand for express delivery cushion packaging continues to increase,

All interested in wasfe and pollution redaction .Lockedair contimves to developand  invest inenvironmentally sound soiutions

.  "Green" packaging has become a new trend of logistics express packaging.

All locked air films are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, 100% degradable, and we do more than that for sustainability. 

LockedAir focus on the cushion packaging industry, and introduces the film containing recycled materials to reduce the use of new plastics.

In addition, there are fully biodegradable films to accelerate the decomposition of products in the natural environment.

At the same time, LockedAir is an active practitioner of green packaging and actively promotes paper cushion products to replace plastic products.

Our environmentally friendly packaging solutions can not only protect your products during transportation, but also convey your sustainable development message to customers.

Film with Recycled Material

Film with Recycled Material

Main components: HDPE

Model: Air Cushion Bag, Air Pillow Bag, Air Bubble Bag, Double Cushion

Features: 100% recyclable

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Biodegradable Film

Biodegradable Film

Main components: Natural wheat, corn

Model: Air Cushion Bag,Air Pillow Bag,Air Bubble Bag,Double Cushion

Features: 100% natural degradation, complete degradation within 2 years, returning to nature to become compost.

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Paper Cushion Packaging

Paper Cushion Packaging

Material:Kraft Paper

Features:100% recyclable

Application: Void filling, protective packaging

Advantages:High efficiency, environmental protection and Sustainability

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