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Air Pillow Bag

Introduction Of Air Pillow Bag

LockedAir Air Pillow Bag-ME series

  • Air pillow film is designed for high though put void fill.

  • Pillows per carton is available, to reduce  loading effort.

  • With tension release pattern design, more air can be blow in.

Advantages of Locked Air® Air Pillow Bags:

  • Strong sealing

  • No air leakage

  • Positive inside air pressure

  • High uniformity

  • Maximum value of film

  • High efficiency integration system

Locked Air® air pillow film is made from 100% recyclable material, with outstanding impact resistance and puncture resistance. The air balloon feature is designed to anti prompt critical shock during the transportation, absorb the shock energy by expanding the air pillow bags, but not break up. The LDPE based air pillow film is crystal clear, and with the customized logo print, that will-increase opening impression a lot. While the HDPE based packing air pillows film could be very thin to lower the cost.

Locked Air® air pillow film are strong, clean, low cost and environmentally friendly.

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Specifications Of Air Pillow Bag

SeriesMateriel MThickness T (um)Width W(cm)Perforation length L(cm)Printing PFilm UnitFilm Length/Unit (m)Roll or case/palletPallet size (mm)
MEXH, DH132010,12,13,15,17.5,20
MEXH, DH152010,12,13,15,17.5,20L: Locked air C: CustomizedRoll8002201120*1120
MEXH, DH172010,12,13,15,17.5,20Roll7002201120*1120
MEXH, DH202010,12,13,15,17.5,20Roll7002201120*1120
MEXL, DL252010,13,15,20Roll4802201120*1120
MEXL, DL302010,13,15,20Roll4002201120*1120
MEXL, DL402010,13,15,20Roll3002201120*1120
MEXH, DH204012Roll4501121100*1100
MECH, DH132010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400481200*1000
MECH, DH152010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400481200*1000
MECH, DH172010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400401200*1000
MECH, DH202010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400321200*1000
MECL, DL252010,13,15,20Carton1920401200*1000
MECL, DL302010,13,15,20Carton1600401200*1000
MECL, DL402010,13,15,20Carton1200401200*1000

The Benefits of Using Air Pillows for Shipping

1. Cost-effective packaging:

Air pillows for shipping provide an economical solution for protective packaging. The light weight of the air bag pillow helps reduce transportation costs, making it a cost-effective option for companies aiming to optimize their budgets without compromising on product protection.

2. Environmentally friendly:

Biodegradable air pillows are made from recyclable materials, reducing the overall environmental impact of packaging operations and conforming to a green environment.

3. Multi-functional cushioning:

Air pillow film offers versatile cushioning that adapts to a variety of product shapes and sizes. This adaptability ensures optimal protection during transportation, reduces the risk of damage, and provides a reliable solution for companies that transport different items.

4. Space optimization:

Packing air pillows excel at filling the empty space inside the shipping box. This not only prevents items from moving during transportation, but also optimizes storage and transportation space. Effective use of space improves logistical efficiency and reduces the amount of packaging material required.

5. Reduce product returns:

The protective properties of air pillows greatly reduce the likelihood of product damage during transportation. This in turn minimizes product returns, saving companies time and resources and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Plastic Air Pillows Treatment Tipps and Recycling Guide

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we provide essential tips for the eco-friendly treatment of plastic air pillows:

1. Reuse for Packing:

Extend the life of plastic air pillows by reusing them for packing and shipping. Their durable nature allows for multiple applications, reducing the need for additional packaging materials.

2. Recycling Guidelines:

Most plastic air pillows are recyclable. Before recycling, ensure they are clean and free of contaminants. Many local recycling centers accept plastic film materials, including packing air pillows. Check with your local recycling facility for specific guidelines.

3. Drop-off Locations:

Some retail stores and supermarkets offer drop-off locations for plastic air pillow film recycling. Take advantage of these convenient options to responsibly dispose of plastic air pillows.

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Details Of Air Pillow Bag

Material Option

Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag
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