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Air Pillow Bag

Introduction Of Air Pillow Bag

LockedAir Air Pillow Bag-ME series

  • Designed for high though put void fill.

  • Pillows per carton is available, to reduce  loading effort.

  • With tension release pattern design, more air can be blow in.

Advantages of Locked Air®:

  • Strong sealing

  • No air leakage

  • Positive inside air pressure

  • High uniformity

  • Maximum value of film

  • High efficiency integration system

Locked Air® air pillow film are made from 100% recyclable material, with outstanding impact resistance and puncture resistance. The air balloon feature is designed to anti prompt critical shock during the transportation, absorb the shock energy by expanding the air pillow film, but not break up. The LDPE based film is crystal clear, and with the customized logo print, that will-increase opening impression a lot. While the HDPE based film could be very thin to lower the cost.

Locked Air® air pillow film are strong, clean, low cost and environmentally friendly.

Videos Of Air Pillow Bag

Specifications Of Air Pillow Bag

SeriesMateriel MThickness T (um)Width W(cm)Perforation length L(cm)Printing PFilm UnitFilm Length/Unit (m)Roll or case/palletPallet size (mm)
MEXH, DH132010,12,13,15,17.5,20
MEXH, DH152010,12,13,15,17.5,20L: Locked air C: CustomizedRoll8002201120*1120
MEXH, DH172010,12,13,15,17.5,20Roll7002201120*1120
MEXH, DH202010,12,13,15,17.5,20Roll7002201120*1120
MEXL, DL252010,13,15,20Roll4802201120*1120
MEXL, DL302010,13,15,20Roll4002201120*1120
MEXL, DL402010,13,15,20Roll3002201120*1120
MEXH, DH204012Roll4501121100*1100
MECH, DH132010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400481200*1000
MECH, DH152010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400481200*1000
MECH, DH172010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400401200*1000
MECH, DH202010,12,13,15,17.5,20Carton2400321200*1000
MECL, DL252010,13,15,20Carton1920401200*1000
MECL, DL302010,13,15,20Carton1600401200*1000
MECL, DL402010,13,15,20Carton1200401200*1000

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Details Of Air Pillow Bag

Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag Air Pillow Bag
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