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Paper Cushioning Machine

Paper Cushioning Machine

LockedPaper Kraft paper cushioning machine can convert Kraft paper into a three-dimensional shape, the paper cushioning machine can effectively protect your products.

How Finished Paper Fills Protect Your Products

  • Void fill machine: To protect products from damage by filling the excess space in the box. This prevents the items inside from shifting or breaking during shipment.

  • Paper cushioning machine: Protects items during shipment by providing stronger paper structure. Paper cushioning machine product will be safely fixed in the box to reduce the chance of damage.

  • Wrapping: Provides protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. It also prevents damages caused by internal impact when multiple items are packed together.

 LockedPaper Kraft Paper Cushioning Machine Benefits:

  • Multi-functional Operation Modes: LockedPaper's paper cushioning machine including kraft paper packaging machine can function with various types of production and packaging needs. You can set the length of paper pad and outfeed a pre-set number of paper pads so one machine can support several work stations. This helps customers to lower operating cost in automatic mode.

  • Green Production Process: effective buffer material , 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% reusable.

  • Unique Patented Technology: Our paper void fill packaging machine can convert the multi-layer kraft paper into a three-dimensional shape to provide effective protection.

  • Smart Design: Our void-fill machine like honeycomb paper packaging machine is designed for easy operation and maximum functionality.

    The unique system automatically defects both paper jams and empty supply boxes.

  • Higher Safety: all-hazard area are high isolated for double insurance operation.

  • Higher Efficiency: The paper speed of the system can reach 72 meters per minute.

  • Difference Between Air Cushioning Machine And Paper Cushion Machine:

    Comparing with air cushion machine, paper void fill machine can be used for heavy or sharp edged products to eliminate damage of a product in the box during transport. 

paper void fill machine

Paper Void Fill Machine Service Support & Maintenance

Our wide and well-established network of dealers ensures that our customer support is fast and responsive.  We offer world class,

prompt service support with technical expertise, parts supply, repair, and replacement.  There's always a prompt response if you need help.

Paper Void Fill Machine Packing Techniques


The product and the outer packaging are separated by two cushioning material crosses to ensure that the impact from the outer packaging is reduced by the cushioning material before it reaches the product in the process of transportation.



The cushioning material is folded, rolled into a ball and placed between the product and the outer packaging.



Cushioning material is used between the product and the outer packaging to prevent the product from migrating inside the carton.


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