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The Use of Inflatable Air Column Bags for Wine Products Has Become a Trend

The Use of Inflatable Air Column Bags for Wine Products Has Become a Trend

1. Wine bottle protector bags have become a popular trend

I bought red wine online and opened the package but only received an empty box. I could receive the red wine the next day. As alcohol products cannot go through ordinary transportation channels, the phenomenon of "first delivery of the box by the courier company, and then delivery of the red wine by the special delivery" phenomenon occurs.

It is not uncommon for people to receive empty boxes first and then red wine after buying red wine online. A store said that because they were afraid of damage during the transportation of the red wine, they chose to package the red wine and the box separately.

Due to the current development of e-commerce and people's pursuit of high-quality life enjoyment, more and more people choose to shop online. According to statistics, more than 50% of red wine sales are achieved online. So, if red wine is shipped in two batches each time, it will not only increase the shipping cost, but also extend the waiting time for consumers. This kind of shopping experience is not good.

In recent years, the emerging wine bottle protector bags on the market can solve this problem. This kind of inflatable air column bag is a package composed of PE and nylon. Since most of it is made in the form of air column, it is also called air column bag.

2. How does the cushioned inflatable air column bag pack red wine?

The air column bag is filled with air, and at the same time, due to the superior material, the cushioning and anti-vibration effect is excellent. At present, most of the red wine is wrapped by foam plastic and pearl cotton, and then the red wine packaging box is put on the outer layer. Of course, red wine using this kind of packaging will be outdated within 2 years.

The use of wine bottle protection bags is similar to the use of traditional packaging materials, and wine bottle protection bags are now standardized on the market. The protective cover is made into a bag shape, and the wine bottle is put into it. After inflation, it can replace the previous packaging materials, and then put it into the wine packaging box.

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