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What Are the Packaging Characteristics of Air Column Bag Packaging Materials?

What Are the Packaging Characteristics of Air Column Bag Packaging Materials?

Package characteristics of air column bag packaging materials include:

  • Absorption of impact energy by air column bags, i.e. the ability to absorb impact forces on the product.

  • Vibration absorption of air column bags. Apart from external impact forces, packaging products are also affected by vibration and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the external force, resonance can occur and the amplitude can increase, causing damage to the product. Cushioning packaging materials can absorb external vibration forces and attenuate vibration amplitude.

  • Memory recovery - cushion packing materials can deform under external load conditions but can recover their original shape when external loads are removed. They have good recovery properties for both static loads and dynamic loads caused by impact and vibration.

  • Air column bags have good compressive creep resistance, whereby cushioning packaging materials slowly deform over time under continuous static loads. This compression creep deformation of the air cushion bag should be as small as possible.

  • Air column bags have good flexural flexibility and softness.

  • Cushion packing materials need to have good acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, salt resistance, light resistance, antistatic properties, easy processing and operation, low cost, easy disposal and recycling, and not cause environmental pollution.

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