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What Are the Packaging Characteristics of Cushioning Packaging Materials?

What Are the Packaging Characteristics of Cushioning Packaging Materials?

Cushioning packaging refers to packaging with cushioning and shock absorption designed to reduce the impact and vibration of the product and ensure its shape and function are intact.

The packaging characteristics of cushioning packaging materials are as follows:

1. The absorption of impact energy of the cushioning packaging material. 

It has a good absorption effect on the impact of the product.

2. The cushioning packaging material has vibration absorption.

In addition to the impact of external forces, the packaged goods are also affected by vibration and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the external vibration force, resonance and resonance will occur, and the product will be damaged if the amplitude increases to a certain value. The cushioning packaging material can absorb the external force of vibration and attenuate the amplitude. And the air bubble bags for packing are very regular.

3. The restorable cushioning packaging material will deform under external load conditions, but once the external load is removed, it can return to its original form.

In other words, it has good resilience to deformation caused by external static load and dynamic load of impact and vibration.

4. Compression will cause creep.

Under the continuous action of static load, the slow deformation of cushion packaging materials over time is called compression creep. The compression creep should be as small as possible.

5. The cushioning packaging material is flexible and has good flexibility.

6. Cushion packaging is suitable for a wide range of temperature and humidity.

The cushioning packaging material can maintain its good cushioning performance at low temperatures, especially the food cushion packaging.

7. The material of the cushion packaging is of high quality.

Buffer packaging materials should have good acid resistance, alkali resistance, grease resistance, organic solvent resistance, salt resistance, light resistance, and good antistatic properties. This material is easy to process and form, easy to operate, and the price is relatively low. Its waste is easy to be reused, easy to burn, but processed, and does not cause environmental pollution.

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