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Buffer Air Column Bags Are Widely Used in People's Lives

Buffer Air Column Bags Are Widely Used in People's Lives

Buffer air column bag packaging product is a new type of packaging material, which is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging material, and is also the first choice to replace traditional packaging materials. It uses an air column to make a synthetic buffer kit with a 2cm-4cm air column. Because the air column is inflated by 65%, it naturally forms a buffer, and connects the independent air column to form the best buffer package around the object.

1. The use of buffer air column bag packaging

Buffer air column bag packaging uses natural air to protect the packaged items. The airbag packaging bag is an inner and outer double-layer bag made of a double-layer material structure. After the packaged items are placed in the bag to inflate, the inner bag is completely packed The shape of the object wraps it close to the body, and the object is fixed in the center of the bag body. When the airbag between the inner and outer bags is impacted or vibrated, the article will not be affected in the bag, thus preventing damage. Using a professional reverse pressure valve, the gas in the air column bag will not leak out.

Of course, the application of air column bags and air column coils is far more than that. Its unique properties make cushioning air column packaging a trend.

Once inflated, the whole row is filled, and the air is automatically locked to form a diving cabin. When damaged, only the damaged air column is partially invalid, and the rest of the air column is completely unaffected and still has a protective effect. Non-toxic and non-polluting, light material, recyclable, one layer can be used for close protection, no need to worry about excessive packaging. Toner cartridges, LCD TVs, notebooks, red wine, energy-saving lamps, milk powder and other electronic products, ceramic products, precision instruments, and bottled food can all be packaged with this buffer air column. Whether it is for office or home life, there are air column bags. 

2. The role and advantages of air column bag

Air column bag has become a commonly used transportation filling material and protective product in the world because of its characteristics of effectively protecting goods, easy operation, improving operation efficiency, and significantly reducing logistics costs, providing reliable protection for goods in transit. Avoid accidents and cargo damage that may occur at any time during transportation.

The air columns are connected to the air exhaust, which can realize synchronous expansion during inflation; each air column has an independent reverse pressure valve, and the rupture of a separate air column does not affect the leakage of other air columns, which is safer and more reliable; Before the product is inflated, it is completely flat and does not occupy space, which is convenient for warehouse management.

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