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How Is the Air Pillow Bag in Express Delivery Inflated?

How Is the Air Pillow Bag in Express Delivery Inflated?

When you receive parcels from online purchases, you may often find them cushioned with a series of Air Pillow Bags or similar packaging materials. Clearly, these cushioning solutions, such as the Air Pillow Bag, serve the purpose of protecting items during transit. But how exactly are these cushioning packages inflated?

Manual Inflation Version of the Air Pillow Bag

The Air Pillow Bag in the express delivery packages can be divided into two types: manual inflation and machine inflation.

Using Manual Air Pumps

Firstly, to inflate the Air Pillow Bag manually, you would spread it out and insert the nozzle of a manual air pump into the inflation valve. Then, by operating the pump, you can inflate the bag. During the inflation process, you can control the inflation level by observing the expansion of the bag, ensuring it achieves the desired level of inflation.

Application of Electric Air Pumps

Some manual inflation versions of the Air Pillow Bag also support the use of electric air pumps. Electric pumps are typically more efficient and can save inflation time. Simply align the inflation head of the electric pump with the inflation valve, start the pump, and the bag will inflate. This is particularly convenient for handling large volumes of parcels.

Machine Inflation Version with Air Cushion Machines

The machine inflation version usually requires a specialized cushioning air cushion machine for inflation.

Operation of the Air Cushion Machine Version

This method is relatively simpler. You just need to load a roll of uninflated Air Pillow Bags into the designated position of the cushioning air cushion machine, set the parameters such as temperature and air volume, and start the machine. With rolls ranging from hundreds of meters to thousands of meters, the machine automatically inflates the bags, requiring minimal human intervention.

Note: Although these versions are designed in a continuous layout, each air chamber is independent. This design helps ensure that if one chamber is damaged, it does not affect the inflation status of the others, thus ensuring overall protection effectiveness.

Precautions and Tips

Control the Inflation Level: Whether it's manual or automatic inflation, it's essential to control the inflation level. Over-inflation can lead to bags being too taut, increasing the risk of items being compressed. A reasonable inflation level can provide adequate cushioning during transport, protecting items from damage.

Regular Inspection: After inflation, regularly inspect the Air Pillow Bags for uniform inflation and any signs of air leaks. If any issues are found, repair or replace them promptly to ensure the overall protection effectiveness of the parcels.

In conclusion, this explains how Air Pillow Bags in express deliveries are inflated. These Air Pillow Bags not only enhance parcel safety but also improve transport efficiency, providing more reliable packaging solutions for e-commerce deliveries.

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