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Packaging Focus: Paper or Plastic?

Packaging Focus: Paper or Plastic?

To choose paper or plastic? You've probably heard this question every time you've been to the grocery store in the past. I think plastic is better for society.

Now it's time to consider a paper gap filling system. The package can be filled with plastic, but it can also be filled with paper. Both of them protect products in transit. Both of them are recyclable and light.

So this question may depend on whom you ask. Some people cite 10 reasons why paper is better than plastic. More and more packaging industries are beginning to see the benefits of paper gap filling over plastic airbags. All of our papers are 100% recyclable, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

1. It can provide strong, long-life and cushioned protection for all kinds of products from heavy to fragile.

2. Various packing technologies can reduce the cost of packing cases and eliminate the movement of goods during transportation.

3. All of our papers come from discontinued sustainable sources.

4. All of our paper has a neutral pH value. Do not use chemicals or oils.

5. Flexible, lightweight and easy to use.

6. It changes the waste state caused by traditional packaging form.

7. Show that you are working to improve your brand reputation and protect the environment.

8. You can convert it to a new product later.

9. Increasing paper packaging could help reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste found in waters around the world.

For all these reasons and more, it makes sense to choose sustainable packaging solutions. If you are interested in more sustainable packaging information and its benefits, please contact us.

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