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How Many Types of Logistic Paper Cushioning Machine Are There

How Many Types of Logistic Paper Cushioning Machine Are There

In logistics and transportation, it is inevitable to have bumps and collisions. In order to prevent damage to goods, cushioning and shock-proof materials packaging is essential. In response to environmental requirements, cushioning packaging mostly uses biodegradable and recyclable environmentally friendly products, such as recyclable film, kraft paper, honeycomb paper, etc.

Paper bubble machine is an automated machine that helps maximize the utilization of kraft paper and honeycomb paper, enabling paper consumables to be quickly formed and achieve better cushioning packaging effects. How many types of paper cushioning machines are there in logistics?

Let's take our LockedPaper cushioning series as an example to introduce:

Kraft paper series

Z-type folding paper cushioning machine

Automatically Z-fold kraft paper to fill the gaps in items, suitable for light load items, with beautiful shaping, placed in cardboard boxes, gift boxes or other packaging, which is pleasing to the eye and effectively protects the items.


Heavy-duty paper cushioning machine

It is a kind of machine that can turn two pieces of kraft paper into a 3D structural effect. It has better shock and impact resistance and is suitable for heavy-duty items such as motors, metal electronics, handicrafts, etc. It has high load-bearing capacity, long-lasting cushioning effect, and can be reused multiple times, enabling users to achieve sustainable packaging solutions.


Honeycomb paper series

Electric honeycomb paper machine

Also known as honeycomb paper packaging machine, this machine can automatically expand die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure, stretch its height, save honeycomb paper materials, and improve cushioning structural effectiveness. Honeycomb paper can be used for gift packaging and internal filling, enhancing the appearance packaging experience, and giving the packaging a high-end feeling. The electric honeycomb paper cushion machine is equipped with a cutter to neatly cut the honeycomb paper. Its dual-axis design, together with the inner liner pearlescent paper, prevents scraping of special items.


Manual honeycomb paper machine

If you don't want to use electricity, you can choose a manual honeycomb paper stretching machine. The tension can be adjusted, and the tension remains constant after adjustment, ensuring the effective utilization of honeycomb paper by hand operation.


The above four types are commonly used paper cushioning machines in logistics. Of course, we are also developing other styles of paper cushioning machines, and we will launch more convenient and efficient paper cushioning machines in the future.

Hangzhou Bing Jia Tech. Co., Ltd is developing in the fields of logistics cushioning packaging, logistics labeling, and amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic core, and is committed to providing users with efficient and reliable products and satisfactory services. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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