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The Composition and Versatility of the Air Column Bag

The Composition and Versatility of the Air Column Bag

In addition to the effects of external shocks, the shock-absorbing packaging products of the air column bag equipment are also affected by vibration and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the external force, resonance and resonance will occur, increasing the amplitude. After reaching a certain value, the product will be damaged.

The cushion packing materials can absorb the external force of vibration and damp the amplitude. Recoverable cushion air column bag packaging material deforms under external load conditions, but can remove the external load and restore its original shape, ie: recovers deformations caused by external static loads, shocks and dynamic loads extremely well.

Ⅰ. The composition of the air column bag equipment

1. The air column bag

It is the main body of the air column bag and the most important part of the performance of the air cushion bag. As long as air is injected into the air column, the resulting air column becomes an important support to protect the product.

2. The air valve membrane

The reverse air check valve membrane plays a key role in air column bag products. First, the gas can only enter and cannot be discharged, and then the air is sealed, which is the basis for the cushioning and shock-resistant function of the air column bag; no sealing operation is required after ventilation, which makes it easier and faster for customers to inflate the air column bag.

3. The nylon co-extruded film

Aside from the differences in composition, it is only necessary to compare the five-layer and seven-layer coextruded films. The seven-layer co-extruded film has multiple layers, and the overall thickness uniformity of the co-extruded film is easier to control, so that the air column bag is not easy to cause explosion/leakage problems due to its thinness. The uniformity of each layer of the seven-layer coextruded film makes the entire coextruded film more uniform.

Ⅱ. The good versatility of the air column bag

Compared with the traditional filling material, this airbag environmentally friendly airbag is environmentally friendly, does not require external equipment, and is convenient and simple to inflate; it is self-locking, can be deflated and inflated at any time, and can be reused, with the advantages of low cost of waste disposal and low cost of use.

Unlike traditional air column design methods, air column bags have the following advantages:

1. No breakpoint design, saving design cost and factory material preparation cost;

2. One product is suitable for packing a variety of items, with good versatility;

3. Endless seal design saves material and enhances product image.

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