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Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine

Introduction Of Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine

Transform flat kraft paper into unique, eco-friendly paper bubbles with Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine. This cost-effective packing machine produces paper bubbles on demand, providing cushion protection for fragile items. The small footprint allows for placement on any table, making it a versatile option for any workspace.

Inbubble is easy to assemble, load, and operate with its user-friendly LCD touchscreen. The machines durable and reliable design includes a long-life blade for sharp and clean cuts. The manual and auto modes with different speeds provide flexibility to fit specific packing needs.

Choose Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine for a flexible, economic, and eco-friendly solution to your packing needs. 

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Specifications Of Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine

Metric System

Machine Spec.Paper Option
Voltage100-240VModel No.Length(m)Width(mm)
Max output speed12m/min

Imperial System

Machine Spec.Paper Option
Voltage100-240VModel No.Length(feet)Width(inch)
Max output speed39.4feet/min

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Details Of Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine

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Inbubble—Paper Bubble Machine
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