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Air Filled Bag Equipment: Types of Air Filled Bag Materials

Air Filled Bag Equipment: Types of Air Filled Bag Materials

The basic requirement of a composite film is to have good adhesion between the layers to ensure the overall mechanical properties of the package. In addition, composite films are mainly used for food packaging. Adhesives are used in the processing of composite films. The choice of solvent and bonding process must comply with the corresponding hygienic standards. Here are some classifications of air filled bags for packaging materials!

Ⅰ. The air column bag

It is a new type of air bag type inflatable packaging product. By filling with natural gas, it can be shown that the product has a malleable and reliable cushioning effect. The air column bag has excellent protection effect and low product cost.

The air column bag packing machine can be customized according to customer's product design and specification. The mechanical keyboard strip is tailor-made, no need for grinding tools, fast delivery time, low cost, and small size; the air column bag device is made of food-grade stainless steel PA/PE polyester, which is healthy, safe, and non-toxic. The air is automatically locked when the air is pumped, and the packaging is convenient, which saves the labor cost of customers; compared with traditional packaging materials, the protection performance of the product is improved.

Ⅱ. The PE void filling bag / gourd film

Made of three-layer PE co-extruded film, no polyester. It has many advantages such as low packaging cost, no indoor space for warehousing and logistics, unique style and high efficiency. It is especially suitable for gap filling (void filling bags) when products are loaded into vehicles, or encapsulation protection (gourd film) for lightweight products.

Ⅲ. The air column membrane for the air column bags

It is a flexible and convenient air column bag buffer protection packaging method. The air column coil is also made of PA/PE polyester co-extruded film raw material, which is especially suitable for packaging various fragile products of different specifications and models. It has the advantages of universal availability, easy pumping, fast packaging, reliable protection, and saving warehousing and logistics. Each air column is relatively independent, even if one column is cracked, the other air column can still provide reasonable buffer protection.

Ⅳ. The air filled bags for packaging of containers

In the application fields of container shipping and long-distance land transportation of large and medium-sized trucks, the gap between the wooden pallets of the goods causes the goods to tilt or even fall over, causing unnecessary damage to customers. According to the fixed air filled bag of the container, it can prevent the goods from colliding with each other, so as to maintain the goods in the middle of transportation as soon as possible, and ensure the safety of the goods transported by sea, road and rail.

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