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What Problems Should We Pay Attention to when Buying Red Wine Column Bag?

What Problems Should We Pay Attention to when Buying Red Wine Column Bag?

Ⅰ. For various bands of the red wine column bag, quality is the best choice

There are many manufacturers producing and selling air column inflatable bags in the market, which results in the uneven quality of air column bags in the market. If you want to buy a good air column bag, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality, not the price.

In fact, many consumers only focus on price in the first place, and quality has become a second factor. A direct consequence of this approach is that some people buy air column bags of poor quality, even though they spend less.

In this regard, industry insiders remind that when the air column bag is first used, the single-layer thickness is 75c and the nylon content is about 20%. This is relatively standard.

However, some small air column bag manufacturers today choose to reduce the thickness and nylon content of the film material to maximize revenue and reduce costs. However, what needs to be known is that the higher the nylon content, the better the quality of the air column bag.

The results speak for themselves. If two batches of packaging are used to protect the same product at the same time, the defective product will not be stored for as long and the damage may be more severe. Therefore, industry insiders suggest that you must check the quality of the product when purchasing an air column bag.

Ⅱ. For many manufacturers of red wine column bags, reputation is the first choice

Some customers also mentioned in their feedback that when working with some air column bag manufacturers, the quality was not bad at first, but after a few collaborations, problems started to appear. These manufacturers are undoubtedly small manufacturers. Their cooperation is limited to one or two times. Over time, they will gain a certain "prestige" among their peers.

Many clients don't know what's going on at the beginning and may work with them. But after seeing their problems, they will choose a new partner. The presence of these bad manufacturers not only damages their own reputations, but also brings negative reviews to the industry as a whole. Even many big brands and reputable air column bag manufacturers have been affected.

For this reason, industry insiders suggest that it is best to find a reputable and long-term cooperative air-column inflatable bag manufacturer when starting to choose a customer for cooperation. Do not be greedy for cheap, so as not to suffer huge losses.

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