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What Are the Bag Shapes of Air Column Bags?

What Are the Bag Shapes of Air Column Bags?

1. Q-type air column bag


The Q-type air column bag is like a box, and the product is placed in it, which can be packed in 360°, providing comprehensive protection without dead ends, and can reject the pressure and friction under the circumstances of transportation, express delivery or manual delivery. Due to the 360-degree comprehensive protection of the Q-type bag, most of the Q-type air column bags are the first choice for the packaging of fragile high-end glass bottles such as alcohol.

2. L-shaped air column bag


The biggest difference between the L-shaped air column bag and the Q-shaped bag is that the other side of the L-shaped bag packs one-third or two-thirds of the area. It is more suitable for products that are wider and require comprehensive protection, while the Q-bag is more suitable Slim product packaging. It is used by putting the product in a bag and then tape the upper and lower parts together.

3. Corner air column bag


Corner air column bags are mainly used for the transportation of some picture frames, furniture, TVs, etc. These products are generally more expensive or are afraid of scratching the paint, and the corner air column bags are installed on the four corners of these products. Its function is to reduce the maximum area of the product in contact with the ground or other items when moving these products, so as to reduce the degree of wear and tear of the product.

4. U-shaped air column bag


U-bag air column bag, as the name implies, is a bag type like the letter U. Its biggest feature with Q and L types is that when the product is put into the bag, one side is not in the bag. It is more suitable for longer, or gift box products, so that the company will be much easier to pack.

5. Air column bags at both ends

For relatively large products such as liquid crystal displays, the packaging cost and packaging convenience are considered. This kind of product is large in size. If it is designed as the above models, the packaging efficiency will not be high when used, and the packaging will not be convenient. At the same time, the packaging cost will be high. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use the bagging type at both ends, which can prevent the product from being subjected to external forces acting on the four corners during packing or transportation, thereby causing force in the middle of the product.

On the basis of the design of these basic air column bags, we can also add a special design according to the protection strength of a certain surface or a certain corner, so that the product can get the most personal protection during transportation.

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