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Precautions for Selecting the ​air Column Bag and Methods of Judging the Quality

Precautions for Selecting the ​air Column Bag and Methods of Judging the Quality

As air column bag products are gradually understood and recognized by consumers, more and more air column bag manufacturers have sprung up! Therefore, customers do not know which air column bag manufacturer to choose!

1. What are the precautions for choosing the air column bag?

The air column bag market is very hot, and many people want to get a piece of the pie. So, regardless of their skill or experience, they have started the air column bag industry, and most air column bags produced in the workshop cannot meet the exacting standards! It also misleads customers that there will be a lot of losses after purchasing, so how to choose an air column bag manufacturer for cooperation?

First of all, no matter the size of the manufacturer, the product must be qualified is the last word! Many manufacturers use shoddy products as good ones, and many of them suffer heavy losses in shipping their goods. Imagine how many times the value of the protective item of the air column bag for protection is worth!

There are many brands of air column bags on the market, with varying quality! However, if you want to protect your product well, you must choose a quality product.

When the air column bag first appeared, its single layer thickness was 75°C and the nylon content was 20% (of course, the higher the number, the better the protection effect). However, current air column bag manufacturers have reduced film material thickness and nylon content in order to reduce costs and achieve greater benefits. As you can imagine, if two batches of packaging were protecting the same product at the same time, the inferior product would have to be damaged first. So, when choosing a product, look for the quality of the product!

Second, choose a reliable and reputable air column bag manufacturer to work with. Many customers reported that the first air column bags from some manufacturers were of good quality, but after several collaborations, they kept tampering with quality and quantity, so many had to give up! Therefore, the reputation of the air column bag manufacturer and its attitude towards customers is also very important!

2. How to judge the quality of the air column bag?

Air column bag, also known as buffer air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging material filled with natural air in the 21st century.

1) Color. Inferior air column bags are yellow and dull in color due to the use of recycled miscellaneous materials and filler masterbatches. The color of the air column bags we produce is a very comfortable pearl shell color. We do not use any recycled materials.

2) The inferior air column bag feels a bit grainy to the touch.

3) The quality of the nylon content air column bag does not depend on the thickness of the air column bag itself. It is more important than the nylon content in the thickness of the air column bag. Its quantity determines the ductility of the air column bag. It directly determines the quality of the air column bag.

4) The texture of the inferior air column bag is rough.

5) Air tightness. The air tightness of the air column bag with inert gas as the buffer material is a direct consideration. Air tightness determines whether the air column bag can provide a long-term sealed and air-tight buffer column.

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