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The Protection of Air Cushion Bag in the Process of Packaging and Transportation

The Protection of Air Cushion Bag in the Process of Packaging and Transportation

The air cushion bag is a new era product in the development of the cushion protection packaging industry. It is a recyclable cushion packaging material that gradually replaces the early packaging materials such as waste paper and foam.

1. Classification of the air cushion bag

The air cushion bag can be divided into wrapped air tube bag and filled air bag. Wrapped air bags are commonly used in the shape of gourd balls and small waves. The air cushion bag is used for express delivery and packaging, wrapping products or laying in the box, separating the product from the packaging container to avoid direct contact, collisions and damage to the product.

The filled air tube bag is shaped like a bubble pillow. Common specifications are: 200*100mm, 200*130mm, 200*150mm, 200*200mm, and 200*250mm, which are used to fill the gap between the packaging container and the product to prevent the product from being shaking and collision, so as to protect the safe transportation of the product.

2. The packaging method of air cushion bag

The air cushion bag packaging is a current protective packaging method with strong protection. It has great advantages over traditional packaging methods. Uninflated bags take up very little space and can help companies save a lot of storage space; and air bag packaging is very simple and beautiful. Compared with waste paper and foam packaging, it improves the aesthetics of the package and virtually increases the market competitiveness of the company's products. 

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