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V1 Paper Void Fill Machine: a Paper Pad Type that Allows for More Space Filling

V1 Paper Void Fill Machine: a Paper Pad Type that Allows for More Space Filling

V1 paper void fill machine is an advanced equipment that provides packaging solutions. Through professional technology and design, V1 paper void fill machine brings higher efficiency and better packaging protection to the packaging industry. Below, we will focus on the features of V1 paper void fill machine to give you a deeper understanding of this paper pad equipment.


Simple Loading and Operation

The loading process of V1 paper void fill machine is very simple. The operator only needs to place the paper into the paper feed of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with a user-friendly LCD touchscreen interface, which is easy to operate. Even workers without experience can quickly start using it, greatly reducing training costs and operational difficulties.

One-Button Paper Jam Clearing

Paper jams are a common problem in the production process, but V1 paper void fill machine has considered this point in its design. The equipment is equipped with a button to clear paper jams. When paper is stuck, the operator only needs to press the button to easily clear the paper inside the machine, ensuring the safety of the operator and saving time.


Fast Paper Output

The V1 paper void fill machine uses advanced paper feeding technology, with extremely fast paper output speed. It can quickly produce a large number of paper pads in a short period of time, greatly improving production efficiency. This is crucial for fast-paced production lines and can meet high-demand production requirements while consuming fewer resources.

Perforated Paper Tear Design

The V1 paper void fill machine adopts a perforated paper tear design, which means there are perforated lines on the paper. The operator can easily tear the paper pads and apply them in packaging. This design is convenient and saves time and labor costs.


V-shaped paper pads aligned in peaks and valleys

The paper pads produced by V1 paper void fill machine are V-shaped, with peaks and valleys aligned. This makes the surface of the paper pads more fluffy and improves the cushioning performance of the paper pads. This design allows for tighter filling of packaging spaces and provides greater protection for products in packaging, even with the same amount of packaging material.


In conclusion, V1 paper void fill machine has the characteristics of simple operation, fast paper output, one-button efficient paper jam clearing, perforated paper tear design, and V-shaped paper pads, making it a reliable assistant in the packaging industry. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at BJT, and we will provide you with more detailed information.

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