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Things About Express Packaging

Things About Express Packaging

I believe that more and more courier packages will not have problems such as product damage and packaging damage. Now most of the merchants and shipping warehouses attach great importance to product packaging, and have taken good measures on the buffer packaging of express parcels. They will choose the appropriate air cushion packaging.

Let's briefly look at the current express filling situation:


Air cushion packaging-small size and large use

It is mainly used for the transport packaging of commodities that are fragile, fear of pressure and shock, such as the packaging of cosmetics, glass products, electronic products, handicrafts, fresh fruits and vegetables, bottled food and other products.

Air cushion packaging is protective and can better protect the product.

1. It reduces the shock and external force transmitted to the product.

2. It disperses the stress acting on the product.

3. It protects the surface and raised parts of the product.

4. It prevents the products from contacting each other.

5. It prevents the product from moving in the packaging container.

6. It protects other protective packaging.

Air cushion packaging is economical.

Other packaging has the following problems:

1. Insufficient packaging leads to high breakage rate.

2. Excessive packaging generates high packaging costs.

3. The large packaging volume leads to products occupying storage space.

The use of air cushion packaging to fill express packages can greatly save space in consumption and storage costs!

Air cushion packaging is environmentally friendly.

It meets the requirements of packaging and ecological compatibility and circular economy. Compared with traditional packaging, the advantages of air cushion film is very obvious. However, there are also many kinds of air cushion packaging materials. Merchants should choose the air cushion packaging suitable for their product packaging according to their products.

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