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Why Does the Air Column Bag Not Leak when Inflated?

Why Does the Air Column Bag Not Leak when Inflated?

As a cushioning package expected by the industry in recent years, the air column bag has a good protective effect on commodities, is convenient for transportation, and is beneficial to protecting the environment. At present, it has been deeply loved by manufacturers and consumers. When choosing our air column bag, many customers will ask a question, why does the air column bag leak after it is inflated?

What are the manufacturing principles and technologies? Below, we will decompose these mysteries one by one.

Ⅰ. The air column bag is made of thicker materials

The air column bag is made of thicker materials so that it is not easy to break. The air column bag is made of PA PE nylon co-extruded composite material, which is different from the seven-layer film used in commercial establishments. The air column bag is selected from the highest nine-layer co-extruded film in the current industry. It is made by heat sealing with air cushion bag making machine. The nylon content determines the ductility and compressibility of the air column bag.

Ⅱ. The air valve of the air column bag ensures that the air will not leak

The air valve of the air column bag adopts the most advanced physical reversing valve in the packaging industry today. The air pressure difference is used to lock the valve firmly so that air does not flow out through the valve. The specific reason is to use air pressure to firmly compress the two diaphragms of the valve. Therefore, the air column bag is not easy to leak.

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