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How to Choose A Cushioning Package that Is More Suitable for Your Product?

How to Choose A Cushioning Package that Is More Suitable for Your Product?

What if there are too many gaps in the package? ——Inflatable pillow bag with cushioned air bag

Many sellers must have this problem: no matter how they are installed, there will always be a gap in the box. In this way, the product is easily damaged during transportation, so some people will choose to rub the newspaper into a ball and stuff it inside. However, it did not play a role. How to solve this problem? You can choose to use cushioned air bags for filling. It has a low cost and is environmentally friendly. At the same time, it can also print a logo to promote the store for the enterprise. The effect is very good.

No matter how the glass product is packed, there will always be damage? ——New cushion hoist bag air cushion film

Many businesses are still using ordinary bubble film. Although the small particle bubble film can protect the product, the buffering capacity is not strong. But the new cushion hoist bag air cushion film is different. Its bubble size is dozens of times that of ordinary air cushion membrane, and its pressure resistance reaches 97.5kg. It is appropriate to stand alone on it. The air cushion film of the gourd bag is simple and convenient to use, high in efficiency, good in cushioning and high in safety. It not only escorts express products, but also gives customers a brand new unpacking experience.

How to choose high-quality buffer packaging:

1. Look at the seal: You should choose an air bag with a flat seal and a hot edge.


2. Look at the air volume: The buffer package with an air volume of about 85% has the best buffer effect, strong shock and compression resistance.


3. Pinch: Really high-quality bubble bags are not afraid of pinching hard.


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