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Principle and Production Technology of Anti-static Air Bubble Bag

Principle and Production Technology of Anti-static Air Bubble Bag

1. The principle of air bubble bag

The air bubble bag uses the film to contain air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that the product is protected when it is shaken, and it also has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation. It is suitable for different product packaging or turnover in various industries.

Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is full of air, it is light, flexible, soundproof, shockproof, and wear-resistant. The air bubble bag is waterproof, moisture-proof, and pressure-resistant, and because the material is light and soft, it will not scratch the product, which is ideal shockproof cushioning material.

2. Production process of anti-static air bubble bag

The production process of anti-static air bubble bags is the same as that of ordinary air bubble bags. The difference is that anti-static agents are added to the raw materials or anti-static materials are used. The color of conventional anti-static bags is mostly red which is used to distinguish it from other air bubble bags.

Anti-static air cushion bag is used for packaging electronic components, such as integrated circuit boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and also play a role in cushioning and shockproofing.

Anti-static air bubble bags are used for the packaging of lighter products and products with general requirements. Its characteristic is to achieve shock-proof and buffering effect through this sealed airbag which is a mature packaging material.

The anti-static air bubble bag bubble sheet can prevent the product from being damaged by collision, friction or static electricity during the production and handling process.

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