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Bubble Bag Selection Guide!

Bubble Bag Selection Guide!

During the shipping process, it is inevitable that the outer package will be crushed and rubbed. Even if it doesn't affect the goods inside the parcel, I'm sure you won't be excited to receive a parcel wrapped in tape. These have seriously affected the user experience, how to give everyone's baby to the most intimate protection, choose a good packaging is vital.

A. Features of Air bubble bag

Air bubble pouch, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, inside the cushion protection, moisture resistance, high resistance to falling, puncture resistance, good resistance to tear, widely favored by e-commerce users.

Second, the choice of Air bubble bag

Air bubble in e-commerce packaging applications so widely, then you know air bubble pouch have what categories? And how to choose a suitable for their air bubble bag?

1, kraft air bubble pouch.

Kraft paper air bubble pouch is also divided into white kraft paper air bubble bag, yellow kraft paper air bubble bag. it is the outer layer of kraft paper, with a buffer bubble film inside. With light weight and environmental protection, the surface can be written, sealing can be set up easy to tear tape and other advantages, widely used in book delivery, the company sent samples, electronic products packaging, etc..

2、Pearlescent film air bubble pouch.

The outer layer of pearl film air bubble pouch is pearl film and the inner layer is buffer bubble film. With a bright and beautiful appearance, waterproof, anti-fouling performance and other advantages, widely used in clothing, electronic products, craft glass products, gifts, jewellery and other transportation packaging.

3、Co-extruded film air bubble bag.

The outer layer of co-extruded air bubble pouch is co-extruded film and the inner layer is buffer bubble film. Co-extruded film using two or more layers of co-extruded film, high-grade appearance, high stiffness, toughness and waterproof performance is particularly good, good colour performance, is the first choice of clothing e-commerce.

4、Aluminium plated air bubble bag.

Aluminized film air bubble pouch, the outer layer of the flow of colorful aluminized film, with a buffer bubble film. It has the above air bubble bag in addition to the advantages, but also has the appearance of colour optional, bright colours, personalized, giving people a cool feeling, is the appearance of the control of the favorite.

In addition to the above air bubble bag types commonly used in the express e-commerce industry, there are also pearl cotton air bubble pouch, laminated kraft paper bag, no outer layer air bubble pouch, synthetic paper air bubble bag, aluminium foil insulation bag and so on. Customers can pick different types of air bubble bags according to the characteristics of their products.

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