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What is the Use Value of Air Column Bag?

What is the Use Value of Air Column Bag?

Products packaged in air column bags can be found everywhere. Why air-cushion air column bags can replace traditional cushion packing materials and are welcomed by businesses and enterprises? This should start from the disadvantages of traditional cushion packing.

As we all know, foam and pearl cotton are bulk packaging materials, which occupy a lot of storage space and increase the storage cost of enterprises. Most of the traditional buffer packaging materials belong to the "white pollution" category, which are becoming more and more popular among humans.

Air column bag, which is also known as buffer air column bag and inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging system full of natural air in the 21st century. Comprehensive coverage of air column cushioning repairs minimizes product shipping losses. The vented bag is developed into an air-chambered package by using a small amount of film and the air-chamber concept. It is characterized by environmental protection, recyclability, low packaging cost, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and earthquake-resistant maintenance. What is the value of an air column bag?

Ⅰ. The main function of the air column bag

The main function of the air column bag is to inflate the upper and lower two layers of high elastic film air cushions after the air column bag is inflated. The product is placed and protected in the air. The film and upper and lower air cushion packing methods have good shock absorption.

Ⅱ. The packing of buffer air column bag materials has the following points:

(1) The absorption of impact energy means that it has a good absorption effect on the impact force on the product.

(2) In addition to being affected by external shocks, vibration-absorbing packing products are also affected by vibration and speed. Resonance occurs if the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency at which the external force oscillates. When the amplitude increases to a certain value, the product will be damaged. The buffer packing material can absorb the external force of vibration and attenuate the amplitude.

(3) The restorative buffer packing material will deform under the action of external load, but the external load can be removed and its original shape can be restored. That is, the deformation caused by the external static load and the dynamic load of shock vibration are good.

As the application value of the buffer air column bag becomes more and more significant, the application scope of the buffer product is also wider and wider. Packaging companies and product companies regard air-cushioned air column bags as the focus of future packaging market development. Today, the types of air cushion air column bag products are becoming more and more extensive. In order to compete better, various packaging companies are constantly increasing their efforts to develop new air column bags.

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