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Application Characteristics and Advantages of Air Column Bags

Application Characteristics and Advantages of Air Column Bags

Buffer air column bag has become one of the most widely used bags at present. Next, let's introduce its application features and advantages!

Ⅰ. Application characteristics of buffer air column bag packaging

Buffer air column bag packaging is currently widely used in new anti-counterfeiting packaging, green environmental protection materials, cushion packing, home appliance packaging, wine anti-counterfeiting packaging, electronic product packaging, wine packaging, computer packaging, new packaging materials, precision instrument packaging, etc.

The air column bag is a new packaging system filled with natural air in the 21st century. Fully monopolized air column cushioning protection to minimize the loss rate of product transportation. The main purpose of the cushion air column bag is to inflate the air column air bag. The two-layer air cushion packaging method has excellent shock-absorbing performance.

In the application of the cushion packing structure, the buffer air column bag adopts gas protection, and is produced and customized with environmentally friendly plastics. Reduced costs, simple packaging, and high impact resistance, these cushion air column bags work best, so there is an increase in the use of cushion air column bags at the same time as environmental awareness is being raised.

The anti-seismic protection of airtight storage for a long time, the buffer protection of the full coverage of the air column, and the lowest damage rate. Compared with traditional fillers, due to the large gap in the inner box, the items will not be frequently displaced and damaged during transportation. Even if pushed by external forces, the underwear design can use air cushions to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.

Ⅱ. The advantages of the buffer air column bag

The product of the buffer air column bag itself is a transparent environmentally friendly plastic product. The appearance of the bag is transparent, concise and generous. Compared with similar buffer packaging, it can quickly improve the brand value of the product.

1. The high-quality PE+PA film is durable and has high air tightness. The protective performance of the buffer air column bag has been further guaranteed.

2. The basic material is SGS certified safety material, does not contain heavy metals, is non-toxic when burned, and meets the characteristics of air permeability, moisture resistance and environmental protection.

3. The buffer air column bag itself is made of inert gas, which is close to the product design. It has the following advantages:

(1) low cost;

(2) Save space;

(3) Recyclable;

(4) Reduce the packaging process and save human resources;

(5) Non-polluting;

(6) At the same time, it can provide anti-seismic protection for long-term storage without air leakage.

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