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Environmental Economics in A Little Air Pillow

Environmental Economics in A Little Air Pillow

What is an air pillow? In fact, it has many aliases, such as air bag, inflatable bag film, Inflatable Air Column Bags, air cushion film. Was it a bit dizzy? Then let me describe it with an easy phrase. It is like a small pillow when you sleep, and it is comfortable and fit, but it is used for wrapping. In this way, do you understand instantly?  Yes, it is the air cushion used to protect the product. Basically, a roll of film is installed on a small device, and then the device is automatically filled with air, and then the aerated pillow is cushioned at the bottom of the box or filled in the gap of the carton, so as to achieve the effect of shock absorption and collision prevention. If you don’t understand it, let ’s take a look at the pictures.


Don't underestimate this little air pillow. It is not only simple and easy to use, but more importantly, it can reduce packaging costs in many ways.

1. Air Pillow Bag can Improve Packaging Efficiency

We must be aware of a problem: it is a common mistake in packaging to focus only on the cost of materials. The cost of protecting packaging and whether it can be packaged quickly and efficiently are actually more important than the single material cost! At the moment when it is difficult to recruit people and expensive to use, compared to the bubble film that requires special personnel to cut, the convenient operation of the air pillow that only needs to be pulled to enter the box is definitely greatly improving the packaging efficiency and saving costs in disguise.

2. Air Pillow Bag can Save Storage Space

How much space can you free up in your warehouse for packing consumables? We guess it is very limited. The biggest advantage of the air pillow bag is its small size and space saving. It can be matched with the inflatable equipment to achieve the current use of the current charge, without stopping immediately. It is not like traditional bubbles and newspapers that waste extra space and time consuming storage. In this way, you can put your really important things into your warehouse, such as your products.


3. Air Pillow Bag can Reduce package weight

For e-commerce partners, no one likes the term "shipping". It is not a small amount of expenditure in your output cost. The heavier the protective packaging materials you use, the more expensive the shipping costs will be. At this time, the advantages of the air pillow are once again manifested: the lightweight air material hardly takes up the weight but can protect the corners in place. It will easily reduce your transportation costs.

4. Air Pillow Bag can Reduce transportation damage

According to incomplete statistics, 1 out of every 10 boxes shipped was damaged. This seems okay. Just assuming that 10,000 orders are issued every day, is it a bit scary to think about the breakage rate? After testing, if the air cushion is used as a gap filling, cushioning, sealing and packaging in the packaging, all shapes and sizes of products can get the best shock, wear and vibration protection during transportation, which greatly reduces the reduction of transportation damage.

5. Move towards green environmental protection

It is now 2019. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, are you also thinking about how your packaging business can help this planet? Do you want green packaging for your packaging? Thinner membranes are constantly being produced, and even biodegradable air pillows are available. Step by step to reduce the pressure of synthetic materials on the planet, and gradually move towards green environmental protection!


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