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Why Do More and More E-commerce and Express Delivery Manufacturers Choose Air Column Bags As Packaging Materials?

Why Do More and More E-commerce and Express Delivery Manufacturers Choose Air Column Bags As Packaging Materials?

With the advent of the Internet + era, people's demand and use of packaging are also constantly updated, especially under the leadership of domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce, there is a kind of packaging that is quietly ushering in the storm of the new era, it is air column bag.

Ⅰ. Why do e-commerce and international logistics express choose air column bag packaging?

Whether it is domestic e-commerce or cross-border e-commerce, high-value and fragile items need special attention during transportation. If a very valuable and high-value item is damaged or causes unnecessary losses during transportation, which will definitely bring a lot of losses to the enterprise in terms of cost.

The packaging of the items also brings a lot of added value with the company's products, and even adds a lot of points. An excellent and responsible company must pay great attention to its product packaging, and the beautiful air column bag is the best packaging choice for the company. Nowadays, air column bags are widely used in e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce and logistics supply chain.

Ⅱ. The air column bag plays a great role

1. The inflatable air column bag adopts the shape of Q bag, L bag and U bag. The appearance is very beautiful, and it will not be deformed. It is low in cost, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

2. The protection function of the air column bag is very powerful, which can effectively protect the product, thereby reducing the damage rate of the product and greatly saving the cost of the manufacturer. And the air column bag is flat before use, so the storage does not take up too much space, which improves the storage rate. Ready to use, improving the efficiency of employees.

3. The air column bag has good environmental protection and will not affect the environment, that is, it can be recycled for secondary use. The air column bag has good elasticity and strong cushioning capacity. It is very good at resisting various shaking of the logistics company's vehicles and the impact during the logistics transportation process, better protecting the product, and achieving zero damage during the product transportation process.

It is these excellent advantages and characteristics of air column bags that have become the first choice for e-commerce giants and cross-border e-commerce.

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