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The Difference Between the Advantages of Air Column Bag and Foam

The Difference Between the Advantages of Air Column Bag and Foam

1. What are the advantages of air column bags over foam?

Here is a brief introduction to the difference between the advantages of the two. Compare the air column bag with foam (a product used for product packaging).

The advantages of foam: mainly used for cushion packaging. It uses the expansion function of the foam itself to absorb the force generated in the event of a collision, which can fully prevent product damage and has a wide range of uses.

Under normal circumstances, the material (film) or product (air cushion) of the air column bag is completely clean and will not cause any pollution. Inflatable bags can be widely used. As long as it is related to packaging, all products that need to be transported together can use air column bags.

2. The advantages of air column bags

Air column bag is a new type of cushioning packaging material born in 2010. Its advantage is to provide high-end shock-proof cushioning needed by fragile items.

The air column bag is filled with air, and the air is used to buffer the force of bumps and drops. The current mainstream cushioning material is air. The air column bag only occupies the thickness of 2 sheets of A4 paper before inflating, which greatly saves storage space and transportation costs. It is simple and easy to use, and the inflatable packaging is in place in one step. And the size of the air column bag is tailor-made for the product, and the pollution to the environment is very low, in order to protect the product to the greatest extent.

In short, the storage cost, labor cost and transportation cost of the foam are far greater than the price of the air column bag. This clearly shows the advantages of the air column bag. Therefore, the air column bag is a good choice for new cushioning packaging materials.

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