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5 Ways of Air Pillow Packing Bag to Reduce the Cost of Packaging

5 Ways of Air Pillow Packing Bag to Reduce the Cost of Packaging

What is an air pillow packaging bag? Air pillow bags are formed by installing a roll of film to a small device and filling it with air. And then wrap the product with air pillow packaging bag to prevent damage. They act like little pillows, taking your products into sleep.

1. Cost per package

We need to focus on the average cost per package, rather than just the cost of materials. The cost of protective packaging is more critical than the cost of materials alone. The cost per bag of air pillow packaging bags may be cheaper than using cheaper packaging materials.

2. Warehouse space

How much space does your warehouse have? Space is limited, every corner is important, and the nice thing about air pillow packaging bags is that they're small. These things with air are flat and compact, so that they don't need additional storage space.

3. Transportation costs

The size and weight of the package will have the greatest impact on shipping costs. The heavier the material used to protect the product, the more shipping costs you will have to pay. There are many factors that contribute to shipping costs, and using lightweight and efficient air pillow packaging bags can reduce costs.

Other considerations for transportation:

1) size

2) weight

3) shape

4) Packaging performance under impact, compression and vibration

4. Packaging consistency

Consistency of packaging is an important factor. With the inflatable system, you will draw out a same protective air pillow packaging bag each time. It can reduce costs by reducing the percentage of damaged packaging. The inflatable system produces air pillow bags for a variety of packaging applications, including filling, buffering, sealing and wrapping. With this kind of packaging, products of all shapes and sizes are best protected from impact, abrasion and vibration during transportation.

5. Environmental protection

Everyone should do something for environmental protection. How does packaging industry achieve green environmental protection? For sustainability, we can provide biodegradable air pillow products. Today, gas systems produce fewer films and have less impact on the environment, which is one of the main benefits of using air pillow packaging bags.

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