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What Are the Advantages of Using Air Column Bags?

What Are the Advantages of Using Air Column Bags?

When it comes to air column bags, most people don't know what it is, but people who often buy fragile products are no strangers to them. It is the development of foam cushioning. The topic of environmental protection in the current era is indispensable. The original cushioning material such as foam is very harmful to the environment, and the air column bag has become a new cushioning product because it has no impact on the environment. Also, what are the advantages of using air column bags? Let's take a look.

1. The air column bag makes the packaging beautiful and natural

Compared with foam, on the one hand, because the color of the air column bag is transparent, it can give people an intuitive feeling about the product. It will give customers a sense of security. On the other hand, if the air column bag is used for the packaging, the product will increase the overall feeling, because the visual error may be caused by the mirror principle.

2. Air column bag improves packaging efficiency

Compared to traditional manual packaging such as wrapping paper, using an air column bag simply places the product in the bag and inflates it using an inflatable device. Maybe you think there is no difference between one-piece or two pieces, but just like removable printing and engraving printing, when the quantities are large, using an air column bag will save labor, effort, and time.

3. The air column bag compresses the cost to a very low level

Compared with traditional packaging materials, the cushioning of the air column bag uses air, not the impact resistance of the packaging bag itself. In reality, it's just a thin two-layer plastic and takes up relatively little space when not inflated, which invisibly reduces inventory costs.

4. The air column bag has good pressure resistance

The advantages of this feature essentially stem from the viscoelastic properties of the air column bag itself. This feature ensures that the air column bag can support up to 200kg without being squeezed when fully inflated. Is the compression resistance good compared to traditional cushioning materials?

5. The air column bag has high safety and guaranteed transportation

This is mainly due to the design structure of the air column bags independent of each air column. When multiple air chambers are damaged due to external factors, the cushioning of the product will not be greatly affected, and the safety performance is trustworthy.

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