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Analysis of the Basic Technology of Air Column Bag

Analysis of the Basic Technology of Air Column Bag

The air column bag is a kind of "magic" packaging: when the gas is filled into the bag, it can be sealed only when the gas enters, but it cannot be sealed without the gas entering. It's amazing that a person stands on the air column bag which will not explode. Why does the air column bag have these excellent properties? Here is a detailed explanation of the technical principles behind the "magic" of the air column bag.

1. Why doesn't the air column bag need to be sealed?

This starts with the reverse air shut-off valve membrane of the air column bag. When manufacturing the air column bag, it will laminate two layers of reverse air valve membrane as the inner membrane. The function of the two-layer air valve membrane is to provide an air inlet channel for each air column during the inflation process. At the same time, after the air pressure is over, the reverse air shut-off valve membrane will be tightly attached to one side of the air column bag on the outer membrane. Using the bonding function provided by the previously prefabricated heat sealing points, the gas circuit is tightly closed by the air pressure.

In fact, there are many similar principles in life, such as football, basketball and swimming ring, which relies on the air pressure generated by the incoming gas to close the intake circuit.

2. Why does the air column bag have such a strong pressure resistance?

This is due to the material of the air column bag. The raw material of the air column bag is nylon co-extruded film, which is a new material technology.

Through multi-die co-extrusion technology, different materials can be co-extruded into the same film. Nylon (PA) is located on the inner layer to provide superior toughness and resistance. Polyethylene (PE) is compressible and can provide heat sealing properties. Generally, the structure of the seven-layer nylon co-extruded film used for air column bags is PE-PE-TIE-PA-TIE-PE-PE. Different film layers provide different functions, and different film layers converge into the same film.

Why can the air column bag hold gas for such a long time? There is still enough gas in the bag to protect the product from damage after half a year. This is also provided by the nylon co-extruded film of the air column bag. Nylon is a barrier material with strong gas retention. Therefore, the gas column bag can hold up to six months of gas.

As a consumer, after learning the basic technology of the air column bag, you will understand why the air column bag is so "magical". 

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