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Types and Uses of Buffer ​air Column Bags

Types and Uses of Buffer ​air Column Bags

Cushioned air filled bags for packaging are becoming more and more popular in the e-commerce industry. We don't need to introduce them any more. Usually, when we buy products from the Internet, we can see the cushioning inflatable bag from the courier box we receive. Here is a brief analysis of several cushioning inflatable bags that these e-commerce customers like.

Ⅰ. Types of air filled bags for packaging

1. Air column bag

Air column bags exist mainly as buffer packaging. Since the air column bag can be customized according to the external dimensions of the product, it is only necessary to put the product directly into the air column bag when packing.

Generally speaking, air column bags are often used to package milk powder, red wine, electronic instruments, small household appliances, and some glass and porcelain products, which are fragile and expensive. Basic customers will choose air column bags.

2. Bubble film

Bubble wrap is very different from traditional bubble wrap! Because its bubbles are larger than traditional bubble paper, and its pressure resistance is much better than traditional bubble paper, we used to squeeze bubble paper with our hands, but now if we squeeze this bubble film, it is estimated that our hands are too sour. This bubble wrap can be used for both packaging and filling. When packing the cushion air bag, just tear it off along the dotted line and wrap it up. When filling, directly tear off a certain amount of bubble film and plug it into the gap.

3. Filling bags

As the name suggests, most filling bags are used to fill the gap between the carton and the item. I believe everyone knows that if the gap is not filled, the item will shake left and right in the carton during transportation, and it is also easy to damage. For the filling bag , Mostly use roll-to-roll inflatable bags, because it is machine inflated and the speed is very fast, which is very suitable for e-commerce customers with large shipments.

Ⅱ. How to pack with air filled bags for packaging?

The principle of the buffer air bag is to seal the air in the film to form bubbles to prevent the impact of the outside world on the product and ensure that the product is not damaged when it is shaken. Buffer air bags are widely used in different product packaging in all walks of life.

The middle layer of the buffer inflatable bag is filled with air, so it is light, elastic, and has shockproof and wear-resistant properties.

Ⅲ. How to use air filled bags for packaging?

1. Lay a layer on the inner wall of the outer box to isolate the product from the outer box to avoid direct contact and collision between the product and the box.

2. The buffer air bag can be easily used to fill the gap of the box. When the packaged product is not carefully packed, it is necessary to use an inflatable bag to equip the parts to avoid damage caused by excessive shaking during transportation.

3. The double-sided bubble pad has strong impact resistance and can meet the packaging requirements of larger and heavier items.

Buffer air filled bags for packaging are mainly used for express transportation and packaging in all walks of life, such as electronic components, meters, instrumentation, handicrafts, ceramic products, auto parts, etc.

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