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Advantages and Shelf Life of Air Column Bags

Advantages and Shelf Life of Air Column Bags

The production process of the air column bag is customized by computer, no mold is required, the delivery time is short, and the cost is low. It has the characteristics of simple packaging, better protection, reduced transportation cost and reduced storage space.

Air column bag is a packaging material. So what are the advantages of air column bags? How long is the shelf life of the air column bag? Let's take a look together!

1. Advantages of air column bags

1) High-quality PE+PA film, which is sturdy and durable, with high air tightness and high protection performance and it is safer.

2) The basic material has passed the test of SGS, does not contain any heavy metals, is non-toxic when burned, and has the characteristics of air tightness, moisture resistance and environmental protection.

3) The air column bag itself is made of inert gas and is specially designed for the product, so it has the following advantages:

(1) Low cost;

(2) Save space;

(3) Recyclable;

(4) Reduce the packaging process and save manpower;

(5) No pollution;

(6) At the same time, it can provide long-term storage and transportation without air leakage.

Air column bags are used to replace EPE and foam packaging. It is currently commonly used in online sales, import and export, and logistics! This is a new type of cushioning packaging for shock, friction and crash resistance. It's small and easy to use.

It can be stored and transported for a long time without air leakage and shock protection. Air column type full coverage buffer protection will reduce the damage rate. Compared to traditional filling machines, it is not damaged by large gaps in the inner box of the package and frequent shifting of items during transportation.

2. The shelf life of the air column bag

1) After the bubble column is inflated, the gas can be kept for 4-10 months. The specific time depends on factors such as the quality and thickness of the air column bag material.

2) The transportation time of conventional express logistics is generally not more than 2 months, so the air retention time is the air column bag that meets the transportation requirements.

3) Before inflating, the air column bag should be stored in a relatively closed storage environment to avoid sun and rain. It can be stored for 2-3 years. Therefore, in the usual warehouse environment, the bubble column is stored in a cardboard box and sealed, and the expiration of the air column bag is not terrible.

4) After the customer fills the air column bag with gas, it is not shipped for a long time, and the goods are also stored for a long time. Given the long-term chronic gas infiltration and underinflation of air column bags, it is very convenient to add a small amount of gas prior to delivery.

Inflatable bags can effectively prevent the movement of goods in trucks, containers or rail transportation. It fills the gaps between the goods, supports the weight caused by the vibration of the goods, absorbs the vibrations, and protects the goods from damage during transportation.

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