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The Roles Air Cushion Film Plays in the Modern Packaging and the Logistics Industry

The Roles Air Cushion Film Plays in the Modern Packaging and the Logistics Industry

Nowadays, there are more and more opportunities for people to shop online. With the rapid development of science and technology, it is possible for people to enjoy delicious food without leaving home. It has become a reality for people and a common trend in the world to shop without leaving home. Now the network order quantity is getting higher and higher. In this trend, the logistics industry and the packaging industry are driven effectively. When people buy some fragile goods such as glass products on the Internet, they will find that the outer layer of the goods is covered by a layer of air cushion film, which is one of the indispensable packaging materials in the packaging industry. Processed with high-quality polyethylene resin, this plastic air cushion bag not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, but also has non-toxicity, tastelessness, moisture proofness, corrosion resistance, good transparency, and other advantages.

Advantages of Air Cushion Film

The main reason why the air cushion film can protect the safety of goods in transportation is that the middle layer of the air cushion film is full of air. Because of the existence of air inflation, the air cushion packaging bag body is light and elastic. So it will not bring extra freight in transportation. Moreover, thanks to its existence, the goods are protected from the damage caused by the impact of external forces during transportation. 

In addition, the air cushion film also has sound insulation, shock proofness, wear-resistance, and other excellent performances. Due to the above advantages, air cushion film is widely used in the packaging and transportation of electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, precision instruments and other relatively valuable goods. In the transportation of some home appliances, self-driving shops, kitchens, furniture, lacquer products, glass products, we often see the air cushion film aseismic cushion packaging. 

In addition, by adding different additives to the plastic raw materials, special air cushion films such as anti-static films can also be made, which can be used for the packaging of electronic components and play the role of anti-statics, buffer, and anti-vibration. Due to the increasing demand, the types of air cushion film are also increasing. Aluminum coated air cushion films can be divided into ordinary type, antistatic type, color printing type, flame retardant type, conductive type, and composite aluminum-coated air cushion film.

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