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What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Bubble Bags?

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Bubble Bags?

Air bubble bags should be designed based on the size of the product

In fact, if you have bubble wrap at hand, you can use a small knife to cut it and tape it to make a bag, which can be designed to fit the size of the product.

Why do this? Because manufacturers generally design products slightly larger, designing your own size not only looks better but also reduces costs. Note that there should be some margin, as there is an error of about 1cm in the factory production process with the air bubble machine

Air bubble bags are made of bubble wrap, and the quality of the bubble wrap is an important criterion

Some parameters of bubble wrap are as follows:

Material quality:

Generally, it is divided into new material and recycled material. From the finished product point of view, the color of the entire roll of fresh material bubble wrap is snowy white, while the transparency of a single sheet is high, there are no visible impurities, no pungent odor, and comfortable to the touch. Recycled materials have many types, good and bad. Those made from waste pipes and used cling film have a big difference. Generally, the more they are recycled, the darker the color, the less transparent, the more impurities, and the more pungent the odor.

The transparency of a good recycled material sheet is also very high, and it can be distinguished by checking whether there are crystal points on the film. Recycled materials have uneven melting and are prone to produce crystal points. The left side of the picture below is fresh material, and the right side is better recycled material. It is still quite obvious when placed together in a roll.

Bubble diameter:

Generally, the main ones are 6mm, 10mm, and 28mm, and there is also 20mm (which is not too common), as well as heart-shaped bubbles (special appearance, but not as resistant to compression as round bubbles).

The most common one is 10mm bubble diameter, which has a wide range of anti-compression capabilities. The characteristics of 6mm are that the appearance is beautiful, the bubbles look very neat, and it is suitable for products with outer packaging such as telephones. It mainly prevents wear and tear and reduces shock. The 20-28mm bubble diameters are all large bubbles. The characteristics are that the bubbles are higher, and the thickness of the film is generally thicker, providing the best cushioning and shock resistance effect.


This thickness does not refer to the height of the bubble, but to the thickness of the film. The thickness of bubble wrap is generally between 13-26μm. The thicker the thickness, the stronger the anti-compression ability and harder the touch.

Special technology:

Double-sided bubble, printing, and colored bubble wrap.

  • Double-sided bubble: also known as three-layer bubble wrap, which is the bubble wrap in the middle of two thin films. Under the same weight, the anti-compression performance of this film is not as good as ordinary bubble wrap. However, compared with ordinary bubble wrap, it has certain thermal insulation performance and can be made into a glued sealing strip.

  • Printing: The structure is the same as that of the three-layer bubble wrap. One layer of the flat film is printed with content, usually a looping logo. The cost does not increase much, but the grade is greatly improved. And it can promote the brand and bring traffic.

  • Colored bubble wrap: By adding color masterbatch during production, you can produce the desired color. Besides the commonly seen pink, other colors are relatively rare in the market. The cost increases, and the minimum order quantity increases, and the significance of the product packaging is not significant.

Choose suitable material quality, bubble diameter, thickness, and special technology for air bubble bags

This varies depending on the product.

  • Does your air bubble bag care about the appearance of the packaging besides anti-shock and anti-wear? You can choose material quality based on this.

  • How high are the anti-shock requirements for your product? The larger the bubble diameter and the thicker the bubble wrap, the stronger the anti-shock ability. But you also need to consider whether it will scratch the product due to the harder touch.

  • Does your product have insulation requirements? Is there a need for publicity? Do you need to combine the color of the company's VI design to package the product? Personally, printing a looping logo on air bubble bags has a very high cost-performance ratio. It not only improves the product grade, but also unconsciously occupies customers' minds and brings traffic.

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