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The Humanized Design of the Packaging Air Cushion Machine is More Important

The Humanized Design of the Packaging Air Cushion Machine is More Important

The society is progressing, and the civilized society not only improves the quality of every citizen, but also becomes more sophisticated in science and technology. One criterion that technological products will have is to be more humane and more convenient.

Our products fully meet this standard. The machine is for people and is operated and controlled by people, so it must conform to people's operating habits. Our air cushion machine has been optimized in many aspects.

1. Optimization of air cushion machine

First of all, compared with the large machines above, our air cushion machine is small, which means that our starting point is more convenient to carry and move, and ordinary adults can carry it.

In addition, the inflation speed of our bubble bag is also fixed, which is 8 meters per minute. This is the conclusion drawn from a large number of experimental data. The experiment shows that for most small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, this is the Matching the artificial efficiency, it is neither too slow to keep up with the efficiency, nor too fast to cause the waste of bubble pads.

In addition, in terms of operation space, our air-cushion machine adopts a button-type operation platform, which avoids the problems of being fragile, difficult to use, and inconvenient to operate that may arise from the LCD-type touch-screen operation platform. This operation mode is more intimate and comfortable. Warm; not just a manual button, if the operator is not convenient to manually control, our product is also equipped with an external foot switch, so that the air cushion machine can be turned on and off even when the operator's hands are occupied.

2. The advantages of air cushion machine

Our machine eliminates complicated transmission systems such as conveyor belts. The consumables of the whole machine are only special tungsten steel blades and heating belts. These blades are super hard, wear-resistant and durable, and there are our company's trademarks on the blades. , According to a large number of experimental data, the service life of this tungsten steel blade is more than 5 times that of ordinary blades, which greatly saves the consumption cost of the machine, so that you no longer have to worry about and constantly check the wear and replacement of the blade. Our new LA-E4 series has increased the life of the heating belt to more than 3 times of the original design.

Our machines intelligently balance speed, inflation volume and pressure, perfectly seal the buffer bag, and provide long-term buffer protection for your product.

New machines bring a new look, and our machines created a sensation in the industry as soon as they were introduced. It is believed that in the near future, the new air cushion machine will lead the market to a new field of humanized operation.

BJT is constantly developing new products and investing in new equipment to meet the changing needs of customers. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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