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How to Use the Air Bubble Making Machine?

How to Use the Air Bubble Making Machine?

1. Carefully remove the air bubble making machine from the carton package.

2. Place the air bubble making machine on a clean and flat workbench to connect the power supply, and connect the power cord to the socket at the rear of the machine tightly.

3. The air bubble making machine should install the bubble film roll.

(1) Use scissors to cut a corner at the lower right corner of the membrane before the bubble membrane is passed through the membrane. The gap of the bubble film roll is aligned with the drum boss of the air bubble making machine and put down correctly.

(2) The bubble film is correctly passed through the tension shaft.

(3) The bubble film bypasses the guide column through the tuyere.

(4) The bubble film needs to be pulled through the left and right ironing wheels to the part where the material pulling wheel is pressed to ensure that the ironing wheel and the material pulling wheel can pass through the bubble film. After completing the preparation for making bubble bag, press the power button to turn on the power. The bubble machine is connected to the power supply, the green light is flashing, and the air bubble making machine is in the heating process of the ironing wheel (the preheating process takes about 4 minutes).

(5) The green light is always on, indicating that the preheating time is over. Press the Start/Stop button to start making bubble bags.

(6) After making the bubble bag, press the Start/Stop button, and the machine will stop making the bubble bag. You can tear off the bubble bag from the dotted line as needed for packaging. (If you do not need to replace the film roll, please tear off the bubble bag outside the rear of the machine. If you need to replace the film roll, please tear off the bubble film before the joint and replace the film roll after the torn bubble film is removed.)

(7) Set the air bubble bag specifications: In order to match the product packaging of different specifications, you need to use various prefabricated bubble bags. You can set the fullness of a single bubble bag by adjusting the air volume setting adjustment knob to match the required bubble bags. Excessive inflation pressure may result in reduced air bubble bag quality. Note: "A" area in the air volume setting adjustment knob is suitable for 200mm (7-7/8) bubble wrap, "B" area is suitable for 400mm (15-3/4"), if the air pressure and bubble wrap do not match There will also be a phenomenon in which the quality of the bubble bag is reduced.

(8) If you want to continue making bubble bags, please press the Start/Stop button when the green indicator light is on, and continue making bubble bags. When the pause state exceeds 30 seconds, there may be partial bubble wrap. The phenomenon of scalding is normal. This phenomenon can be avoided by completely withdrawing the film from the ironing wheel when not in use.

(9) If you want to shut down the air bubble making machine, please exit the working state first or when the machine is in standby (when the green indicator light is on), please tear the film from the tear line at the position before the inflation duct, and then press Start/Stop button to completely withdraw the film, then press the Start/Stop button to stop the machine, and finally press the power switch to shut down.

(10) If the power switch is not turned off when the machine is turned off, and the power plug is directly pulled out, the green light and the red light will turn off after a slight delay, which is a normal phenomenon.

(11) Please turn off the power switch when the machine has no film and is running, so that the ironing wheel is closed and stopped. It must be ensured that the machine can be transported over long distances with the ironing wheel closed.

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