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Precautions for the Use of Air Column Bags

Precautions for the Use of Air Column Bags

The protective effect of the buffer air column bag is indeed very good, but the air column bag also has a disadvantage, that is, because the production material of the air column bag is plastic film, and many people know that plastic film has a disadvantage, that is, it is easy to be stabbed by sharp objects. Therefore, the air column bag also has this disadvantage. In addition, many of the cushioning properties of the air column depend on the air pressure to form a buffer layer to prevent the packaged items from being damaged by the outside world. Therefore, if the air column bag is subjected to similar sharp objects during use, the air column bag will be damaged and leaked, so that it can no longer be used.

With the wide use of air column bags in various industries, more and more people are beginning to understand air column bags, but in the process of use, they will encounter various problems. Here, as a professional manufacturer of buffer air column bags, we will discuss and share with you the use methods of air column bags and the precautions during use.

Ⅰ. Preparation of air column bag before use

1. Be careful not to scratch the inflatable packaging sheet when unpacking the air column bag;

2. The working environment is required to be clean. Do not use an outer box with nails, and do not operate illegally such as dragging and grinding gas sheets on the ground. No sharp tools should be stabbed during use;

3. Place the air column bag on a smooth surface to avoid contact with sharp objects, which may cause the air bag to be scratched and leaked;

4. If you use an electric air pump to inflate, please use a 2bar pressure regulating pump valve to ensure that the valve meter is accurate and normal, and adjust the air pressure (within 0.8bar) according to the inflation parameters to avoid excessive air valve rupture;

5. Please use a suitable inflatable air nozzle (the air nozzle is about 2cm long and the aperture is 0.5cm-1cm), so as to avoid the need to move the air nozzles to inflate one by one when using the slender air nozzle, and the effect will be uniform;

6. If the packaged items have edges and corners, it is recommended to add carton packaging to the air column packaging to ensure that the packaged items are well protected.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to the use of air column bag

1. Find the inflatable port (you can blow the entire airway with the air nozzle at the same time), then insert the air nozzle into the inflatable port. The air nozzle should not exceed the air stop valve of one air column, so as to avoid moving the air nozzle to fill multiple air in the end column;

2. When starting to inflate, pinch the air inlet and air nozzle moderately to avoid air leakage as much as possible. Of course, pay attention to properly loosening when the inflation is nearing completion to avoid overcharging;

3. If there is no air intake in the individual air column during the inflation process, it is because the air stop valve has not been flushed, and this problem can be solved by lightly pinching the air stop valve of the air column;

4. How much the inflation process consumes depends on the amount of air column, the size of the inflation bag and the inflation pressure, and it is necessary to avoid overcharging.

Ⅲ. Matters after use of the air column bag

If there is a problem during the inflation process, please contact customer service in time.

Therefore, we also warn everyone that from a safety point of view, users need to be very careful when using the air column bag, and it is necessary to limit the use of similar sharp objects to use the buffer air column bag. If there is a real need, these sharp water chestnuts should be treated before use.

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