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What Are the Methods of Choosing an Air Cushion Machine?

What Are the Methods of Choosing an Air Cushion Machine?

There are many air cushion machines on the market, and many people don't know which air cushion machine to choose for them. The following describes how to select an air cushion machine.

Ⅰ. What will affect the choice of an air cushion machine?

1. If the delivery product is single, there is a standard product shell, want to fill the gap in the box and choose an economic buffer machine. LAE4C, gourd film, speed is 8m/min, suitable for small e-commerce companies whose daily invoice is less than 100 pieces.

2. If the delivery product is complete and the specifications are diverse, and you want to use the gourd film to wrap the product, the gap in the outer box should also be filled. The daily shipment volume is more than 100 orders. It is recommended to choose a multifunctional high-power industrial cushioning air cushion machine.

3. The most important thing is to choose a factory that specializes in cushioning air cushion machines. It would help if you chose a formal manufacturer with professional R&D technical experts. These manufacturers can guide and customize unique products, print their product LOGO, and create their brand promotion. 

Ⅱ. The working form of the air cushion machine

The term cushion air cushion machine is now on the Internet, and few people know it. Of course, as a member of the new era of the Internet, everyone should be familiar with express delivery, so what kind of working mode does the cushion air cushion machine work?

It is very simple. After putting the bubble bag without air on the cushion, let the pores of the bubble bag pass through the pipe guide column. During the operation of the cushion air cushion machine, the air is continuously filled into the bubble bag through the pipe guide column. Bubble bags are basically used for small commodities. 4 or 5 cushion bags can prevent damage to the cushion.

The quality of the cushion air cushion machine is decisive for whether the cushion bag is filled with enough gas and whether it has sufficient airtightness. With the development of technology, cushioning air cushion opportunities will be more convenient, efficient and smarter.

Believe the above introduction. We should have a new understanding of the cushion air cushion machine, should have some judgments on how to choose, do not choose blindly, and choose the most suitable one.

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